Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little brothers & Frumpy mommas

Will welcomes a lifelong playmate in February of 1996...E. was 2 days old here. He was really a pretty baby.

two men and a little lady

notice the gun in E's paws...he just looks rambunctious, doesn't he? and Will? always so conscientious....don't ask me what the child seat deal is here...they were probably in those funny little booster was 1998, I was sleepy I guess.

cute, troublemakin' boys! watching Mr. Rogers.

I think this was my 26th or 27th was a good thing my kids were cute because I wasn't. I think they sucked it all outta me. What was up with my hair?

some cute boys...attached at the hip

let's try to keep 'em contained in this wagon

I've obviously got nothing recent for a post in digging through old pictures, I found all these from our past...I had a couple more to post but realized just how frumpy/dumpy I was back then. Not that I'm so much better now...but some of the things I wore, the way I did my hair, ack. blahhhhh. shooey. I couldn't even bring myself to post them today...

Enough of that.

I am so thankful that Will and Ethan have each other to grow up with. Yeah, sometimes they are aggravating, bickering, fighting, doing the things that brothers do...but the good outweighs all the weird, bad stuff. Will was 16 months old when his bro showed up...and they've been best pals since!

He ain't heavy, he's my brother! (I love that old song).

Hey, how's your Thursday going?

Check out David's blog...I posted some more pics over there last night...

Have a Wonderful Day, now ya hear?


Tory said...

I absolutely love these "old" photographs; especially, since they are so new to me. It's rather funny to me, that E seems to have changed the least in pictures. Although, like you say, I can see his mischieviousness in all of the pictures. He and our frind Indiana Jeffery would be great friends! Love all of your other blogs...not sure how you manage to "edit" so many, but you're amazing to me. I still don't know how you do all that you do! I recommend the galoshes...I will look for a pair myself, but I am not sure if I will be able to stand them coming up that far on my calves. Speaking of calves, one of the pair that I saw yesterday was "cows"...they were really cute. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday, too!

Charmaine said...

What wonderful brothers. It is so neat to see their big boy faces mixed into their little boy faces.

Plus I needed a good "ya hear?" this morning...

Love ya, C

Anonymous said...

Love all of these pics!! They are just the best of little friends. That is so cool (i'm sure not so much at the time) that they are so close in age. I think we have all had our time of "what the?" when it comes to clothes and hair, or even large're beautiful! xoxo...give those big boys hugs for me! b

Heather said...

Those are some cute young men, Mrs. LY! I love the old pics! When Jack's baby brother comes, I hope they are as close as your W and E are.
And as far as you looking frumpy...ah, no...and the hair, it was the 90s - we ALL had bad hair - it was the style then.

Stickers said...

Girl, you were frumpy! Only a true friend would tell you that! We ladies are like fine wines - me thinks. The alcohol content just keeps going up with age...No that's not right...hmmmmmm

Cute pictures of the boys. I love that they have each other. I wish Calla and Molly were that close. Maybe one day they will be.


Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

tory, where did you see those galoshes with cows on them? your comments really make my day!

heather, thanks for sticking up for my 90's hair. plus I was packing some seriously extra weight and it always shows up in my face when I'm not are such a gracious friend! and if you do happen to be carrying a brother for Jack, think of all the fun they will have! sometimes it is easier to have two of the same helped me out a lot when they were younger.

charmaine, good point...I bet it's weird to see W and E as are right though, to see their now faces mixed in with their then faces.

thanks B for your encouraging and sweet words. and to think, you were there when they looked like this...they probably still appear this way in your head, don't they?

stickers, you sure have a way about you...gee thanks, true friend. but yes, though these boys bicker and take each other for granted, they have always been each other's's always different for girls...Calla and Molly will be better friends when they are there are a few years between them...

Hope you all have a nice holiday weekend! I'm outta here!