Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer of '94

I can't get over how young I look in this picture. And I was...21 years old, pregnant with Will. This pic of me with my Grandma Taylor is one of my all time favorites!!

Same summer, same shirt (hey, when you are prego, comfy clothes are a MUST) cousin, Dawn, came to Illinois to visit with us in our little basement apartment..I even made some tasteless spaghetti served up in my fancy glasses and cheesy, hospitable grin...Look at those big glasses of milk...uck.

The only significance of this postcard is that it has been in my special box since I took my stuff down at my desk, when I left my job at Central Dictation (IU Hospital) in November of 1993...2 weeks before I married D. What's the point? don't have one...just a little blast from my makes me laugh. Hope it makes you laugh on your Monday morning. We all need a good laugh now and then, right?

Yeah, I know...there's no point to this post...

David and the kids returned from their overnight adventure to it turns out, I am so relieved that I didn't attempt to take Molly...she ended up having some Pink Eye...yehaa! and we spent a nice, quiet and productive day here at the homestead. Having one kid is so strange yet wonderful! (I love you, you 4 other kids!!) We played, read, cleaned, danced, I even held her up by her feet, since she loves that so much. Other than that, a "peaceful" day...Thank You, Lord, for days like this! Hitting the reset button.

Until then, I'm outta here...God Bless you today!



Tory said...

Now, that's the Laurie that I remember from childhood. You always were spunky! As for the postcard, I love it that you have a special box...I have those, but I never thought to call them that. Didn't know what job/jobs you had before...that is a cool blast from your past, and I love that you shared it. And, the part about Molly hanging by her toes...ROFL! Let me see, summer of 94, I was graduating college, and going on for my Master's in July...rough summer. Glad that yours was better. ;) The start of a great legacy...with five wonderful children. Good night, young lady. Love ya'll, T

Anonymous said...

It is nice when you show the pictures of that time in your life that we did not have a part of - because of distance and such - it kind of fills in the gaps of my mind. Have a great day and week.
Love, Linda

Heather said...

Oh my goodness...that's most certainly Melanie in that picture! Hoky-smoky! You look so very young...I mean you look young now, but wow - you look 12 in that picture! Love seeing those older pics.