Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom Y!

David's parents, Judy and Carl

The fire hazard cake...

Natalie is engaged...Nick proposed a month or so ago...can't believe my flower girl is gettin' married!!

she didn't enjoy the swimming aspect

hanging with her cousin, Adelaide

Natalie and her mini-me Melanie!

I have way more pix to post but I've honestly been trying to upload pictures since before I went to bed last night! I would get up and it would tell me that it couldn't complete my request so I would try again...darn that dial-up.

And now it is absolutely pouring, gushing I need to get my computer turned off and try again later.

Thank you for your well-wishes for a return to health...Much appreciated over here, loyal blog followers.

Be back later!


Tory said...

Love those pix...I must admit, I was wondering why Melanie had on a diamond. Seriously, in pix and to the untrained eye, they are identical. Now, after seeing David's dad, I know where the eyebrows come from. ;) And, now, you know, that blogger was having some kind of problem, as I can attest, too. And, we don't have dial-up. I know, it doesn't make you feel any better does is so irritating. Would love a real warning that pix won't be able to load. Go figure. Anyway, love the pix...gotta get going...momma is waiting. Love ya', butta bean.

Brittany said...

I can't believe you were a block and a half away from my house and didn't even call me!

Glad you had a great time w/ the fam.