Friday, August 22, 2008

Hee Haw

I know you've been dying since my yesterday post, to know exactly what my kids were up to...


trying to stay afloat...o dear. I'm not sure exactly what his expression is...fierce?

Mel's turn and she was actually quite frightened. (I didn't realize how clunky our makeshift rail looks...but just imagine, if you will, how pretty it will be next summer???)

E. was trying to help her but ended up only helping her sink faster...

soooooooo, this is what happens when you leave your kids to their own devices for too long (among other things)...They find the fountain tub, which used to house our little kids under the umbrella fountainy thing, which then graduated to good soil holder that we used to have in our raised garden beds (before we took those apart to have a swimming pool) this.

It's been bleached out and stuff. It needs some Lime-Away. I still wouldn't ever use it in our pool. but they've made up this fun game where they push each other in and see how long they can keep it afloat before it's overtaken with water. Nice.

Levi calls it his pool and Molly's pool. the kids call it the Jacuzzi. they provide the bubbly.

sheesh. I know, I know...we are so classy, you are dying to come hang out with us...if you're lucky, the neighbors will have their gangsta rap playing while they all take a spin on the 4 wheeler while letting their big, nursing dog poo in my yard.

Come on over, we'll leave the light on for ya!

Have a wonderful Friday, folks!


Anonymous said...

hi, still love reading your blob and keeping up with your family - sort of - I know that it would take a whole lot of goggle space to blog everything - I thought the kids looked like they were having a lot of fun! - Tory and I make up games in the pool, too - and this year someone sold kick boards as under-water surf boards - and Tory and I have been doing that with our kick boards for a couple years. We just push the kick board down until we get our feet on it then we slide it on the bottom of the pool down the slant from the shallow to the deep and see how long we can stay standing on it in the deep water - the one on it longest wins - sometimes we even try to push each other off - its fun! Was surprised that you did not comment on Tory's blog Tuesday the 19th???

Anonymous said...

BLOB ---hahahaaaa
sorry about the obvious error!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are awesome!!! That is just hilarious! It looks like a stunt that should be videotaped and eventually sent to funniest home videos, because, i'm sure that someone will get hurt (which, may sound bad, but it is always funny). So much for trying to convince the world that you bring class to waverly! I think the place is rubbing off on you guys! HA HA,xoxo

Tory said...

I absolutely love that! Are you sure that you aren't living in Eastern NC...ya'll would fit right in. But, then again, everywhere we have lived has been "redneck"...oh, wait a minute...there's a common denominator. Hahahahaha...seriously, did I tell you about the time that we had snow in WV (about 3 feet), and I wanted to sled. So, dad made me a sled out of the hood of his truck that I had wrecked. Oh, somehow, I think I have told you that. Boy, old age is catching up with me...I repeat myself. Then, there is our annual New Year's Eve tradition of shooting the guns. Oh, I will stop there...wouldn't want to tell all of my redneck secrets. It was great to finally have the mystery solved. Love ya, TW

velvet said...

your kids are fun :)
and i love your new blog layout, btw! you're such a cool cat!