Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yet another this time last year...

can't believe how much he's changed in the last year!! mind-boggling!

Eman hasn't changed too much

people catchers and torn up porches...the roof is gone this year and the siding around the door is outta here...looks really classy....I'll put a recent pic below. don't laugh, please! remember: work in progress...husband that does all the work and works his job a lot...not a lot of time...I don't do siding or framing....ok.

tiny little greasy baby...don't you just love that overactive oil thing they have going at one month? And I love the archer pose (reflex) um, where did this tiny thing go?

beautiful girl

courageous boy!!

This is what I do when I don't have anything to post or any new pictures. You know you love it.

Tory, sweet cousin o' mine, let me just say before I go any further that I loved the pics that you put on your post today! For some odd reason, it made me cry, (, looking at those old pix of our family...seeing my gpa and your gma as younger folks with Gpa. Brown and siblings that I've heard about over the years but never had the honor of knowing...sent chills up my spine, transported back in time. And the pic of my gma with Granpappy and Granmilly with Tina (long i...that is what Gpa T called her when she was in trouble, which was often)...priceless walks down memory lane...prompting me to want to dig thru my pix to see what I can find! I get so emotional (can you believe that Stickers?? I really do)!!

These pix from this time last year make me laugh...Molly was getting so chunky (as if) and we were just starting to dig the footers for the revamped upper porch (remember the people catchers??) It is still such a work in progress here...David has ripped off the upper porch roof so now we look like total Deliverancy's...but when it's done, it will be magnificent (in that recession...we will wish we had lentils and potatoes but loooook at our roof, really!!)

No, David knows what he's doing and he usually plays his cards right (with the help of God, of course)...and he takes such good care of his family! (I'm missin' him today!!)

Porch: August 2008

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Tory said...

So sorry to make you cry, but I just had to share. And, I love that it made you reminisce even more. It cleanses the soul and helps in actually countin one's blessings. Will try to get some more current pictures one of these days, but I might just have to use some more old ones until I can get my camera connected to the laptop. Love ya, chickadee and your shoe too, TW