Tuesday, August 12, 2008

some fun stuff happening 'round our way...

yes, folks, we killed Charlotte....and with good reason. She was about to invade our house, and make us all her slaves (D. actually killed her, Sherry....don't hate us)....D. noticed her legs,(which in this pic are all folded in) yes, her legs, wrapped around the railing...called to me and he hit her with a broom...she was huuuuuuuuuuge...absolutely the largest spider I think I've ever laid eyes on (that wasn't a tarantula)...and eww...when David brushed it off the porch, it hit the railing and thumped!! ick! I need a bath.

This little munchkin has figured out how to open up our gate...so much for keeping her safe. She's smarter than the rest of us...we quit.

That's all I gotta say...just wanted to share these funny little tidbits with y'all...I know my dad will shudder when he sees the spider pic, and so will Hannah...sorry guys! but it's been a slow news day!


Tory said...

The title of this should be horrifying pictures. The only thing that I can say about the spider is...uggghhh! I cannot believe that you could stand to be close enough to take a picture. That reminds me of last night...a water bug the size of a small mouse had gotten in the house. I got the bug spray and was chasing it around trying to keep my eyes on it. Dad is sitting back in his chair telling me to sqoosh it when I had bare feet. I told him if he wanted it sqooshed, he would have to do it himself. Needless to say, I killed it with the bug spray and escorted it outside. Then, when mom saw it outside this morning, she tried to kill it again. But, the point is, I wasn't about to take a picture. More power to you, chickie! As for Molly, all that I can say is she is one determined little chicklet. You'd better keep an eye on her. Love ya' lots, t

Hannah-Indiana said...

Oh, yes. That was not pleasant. I didn't shudder this time, but did make "the face" if you know what that is, you've seen it before.

Hope y'all are doin good. We miss you, and tell Melanie we also missed her Monday.


Charmaine said...

Little Miss Molly is a tricky one! I have forgotten about the destruction they can cause and the short-lived nature of the "child-proof" locks.

Maybe my baby-to-come will just t NOT try to climb stairs, pull all the books off the shelf, and put everything in her mouth... Maybe she'll be a perfect angel... Ha ha ha!!! The pregnancy is making me hallucinate!