Friday, August 8, 2008

Four wheelin', just like our neighbors!

Our friend, Tim, and his daughter, Brittany, dropped by last night to take the kids four-wheelin'! I'm sure our neighbors behind us thought we had come over to the "dark side" of Deliverance! This is a blurry shot of Will with Tim...E. went first and that was before I had gotten my you won't see any pix of E on the machine...sorry!

Brittany took Levi around for a nice little jaunt...

Mel thought it was pretty darn, kids, we are not investing in one of these bad boys!!

Thought it was cute how Moll, lookin' every bit like her father, curled up during her nap the other day...she won't stay covered to save her life. punk.

Lots of this shirt/diaper combo lately...yes, she still wears pants, shorts, outfits. This seems so hillbilly to me, barefoot and only a diaper...yick. she wears it well though, dontcha think? Here she is sneaking into my scrapbook supplies...a fave pastime of Miss Moo

check out those gams!! love the fat baby legs!!

Since Molly and I won't be attending the annual Young Reunion tomorrow, I am sending some pictures in our place (less mouthy that way)...this is the scrap page I made in honor of the Divine Miss M.

How y'all doing on this fine, fabulous Friday?? We are doing quite well, thank you very much.

I mowed the lawn, took a power walk, scrapped, avoided some phone calls, and general good stuff like Moll and Levi are in the tub so I won't be long on here...just wanted to shout out a hello before yet another busy weekend strikes...enjoy the pix...I'll be back...

Tonight, we are attending a party hosted by the family of two of David's fellow workers, Bucho and Jose...what is the name of the party that Mexican families throw for their sweet 15 daughters? well, that is the party we are going to, almost as big of a deal as a wedding, from what I hear...we are nervous, will be the only "non-Mexicans" in attendance and we know hardly any one but D. told them we'd be there, so true to our (his) word, off we go...yikes. I will be sure to take my cam...what a blogging op. Tomorrow, David, Will, Ethan, Melanie, and Levi head over to Illinois for the big Y it will be just Molly and I keeping the home fires burning...that will be kinda nice, I'm thinkin'. Until then, happy Friday and God bless you!


Heather said...

Are you going to be lost with just one child in your charge for the weekend? It'll be nice for you and Molly to have some time to yourselves. Enjoy! And here's to safe travels to Dave and the other kiddos!

Tory said...

Sounds like another busy weekend. Even with just you and Moll, I am sure you will be busy...she won't have anyone else to distract or coddle her. So, it will be just you and she. Should make for some interesting stories. ;) As always, love the pictures and the perspective. My favorite this time would have to be the angel asleep. All the best, and I cannot wait to hear about the Fiesta. Hopefully, there was salsa. That's not a stereotype, is it? Oops!

dmoms said...

we had a four wheeler growing up, it was a blast!

Hannah-Indiana said...

The four-wheels are cool! I've been riding those things with my cousins before whenever we go up to visit them. He's usually driving it and sometimes I'll get so freaked out, I'll about choke him to death cuz of how hard I was sqeezing him!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Hey...where are the helmets? Don't you wear helmets when you ride those things? THose heads are valuable! They contain lots of important information! LOL!

Have a great day with just the Mels! Glad you are all safe.