Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Three little beauties from the West Coast...

Duncan ~ 7

Charlie ~ 5

Phebe ~ 2.5

Is this supposed to be a rose between two thorns?

Lovely children

Andy, you did a good job getting your kids to the photo place and they look good too...I'm very impressed!

Give him a hand, folks...he got three kids to the photo place, in matching, nice clothes, with hair combed and smiling faces...Good JOB!! Hands up!

Duncan, Charlie, and Phebe, just in case you ever read this someday, know that your family back here in Indiana loves you each so much! It is so nice to see your sweet, smiling faces. I love you three!


Anonymous said...

Andy-They look great!!! SO Beautiful and SO grown up!!! I can't believe little Phebe! I wish we could see you all. Piper and Phebes would be fast friends (and piper could teach her how to talk back). Great job! I can't wait to get some prints for my big ol' picture wall!!xoxo

Tory said...

Too cute. They are photogenic like their Indiana cousins. That's the gene that I didn't get. As a matter of fact, I keep trying to do the "Becky" thing...you know, take a picture of myself in front of some landmark...and, I always manage to get a fat face or a perturbed look. You know, until I started doing that, I didn't know that it was a talent. Well, kudos to you Beck, and anyone else that can take pics of themselves that look decent. Do you provide training? Oh well, I guess I just won't be taking pictures of myself any time soon. Love all of your newest pics, TW

Anonymous said...

I agree, the kids look so grown up and are just the cutest! Great job by Andy to pull it altogether. You did your sisters proud!
-Mel Cunniff