Friday, August 8, 2008

Cotillions and such...

semi-toothless grin...ahhhh!

Isn't she lovely? This is Celia.

Celia's "girls"...think Bridesmaids...and there were 7 guys also and the main guy she danced with...not sure what the correlation was. They were getting ready to do their dance...very much mimicked a wedding.

Melanie dancing with her daddy

Mel and E tearing it up.

Molly was diggin' all the festive Mexican music!! Caliente!!

I don't have much time to post now, but wanted to get these pix up for your viewing pleasure.

We went to Celia's "cotillion" last night. Not sure what they call it in Mexico exactly...I know there is a name for it...Who's Celia you ask? yeah, I didn't know till yesterday either.

David has two guys on his crew, Jose and Bucho...they are brothers. Celia is their niece. In their tradition, people in the family donate to a girl's coming of age party...Jose bought her dress...what a nice uncle...not sure what Bucho donated but since they are family and they helped throw the party, they got to invite whoever they wanted...and they asked David and his family (hey, that's us!!) if we would come!!

I admit it, I was very nervous and it didn't let up once we got was all in Spanish and we were definitely, definitely the minority. But it was so neat to see that they still hold to some traditions in their culture.

I could totally go on and on...but I just got David and the 4 big kids out the door (whew!!) and now I'm packing for a day of swimming with Beck and then Momma and Poppa are taking Tom, Beck and her family and me and what's left of my family to OUTBACK tonight. In honor of my brother in law, Scott's 35th birthday, which is tomorrow.

Sorry for the scatterbrained back later, taters! LY


Smooches, Kara said...


I was in one of those when I was 15! My close girlfriend was Mexican. Hers was huge affair also!! We wore pretty peach dresses that my Mom's friend Kathy made for me! All of Carmen's family traveled home to be a a part of it.

Have your kiddos look up the word. Let them knwo the history of what they got to be a part of :D And I will attempt to find my pictures!! I have maybe one or two somewhere!! :D

Sherry at the Zoo said...

What a cool tradition! It would be so neat to research the history behind it....would you get right on that please? I'd love to know! LOL!

Hope you are enjoying your free day!

Heather said...

Is it quincenara? Don't know how/why I remember/know that/. Looks like it was a fun time!

Tory said...

Molly-Moo sure looks like she is enjoying herself. Glad to see her having so much fun. Hope you had a good rest of the weekend, my friend. Hugs, t

Anonymous said...

Quincenara I think is what it is called. When she turns 15 she enters womanhood or something. "Quince" is 15 I think, I should know, I live here in Central Mexico/Southern California.