Saturday, August 23, 2008

Family Ties

We had suuuuuch a nice time with my Michigan family last night!! (but when this posts, it will have last night's date since that is when I started this)

I know, I didn't get any pix of my parents. I tried. my dad kept putting his hand up...and telling me to get pix of the people that aren't always for once, I obeyed him. hee hee. just kidding Dad. love ya!

My aunt brought down some handmade pies from MI...see if you can read was fun to hear how we thought the pie co. name was pronounced. Think Jackets.
Oh. MY. Gosh. Becky made the Pioneer woman's sheet cake....and it is heavenly....hope there is some of that left for dinner today!! Beck, put that up at the top with your mac and cheese!

this pic is important because Tom didn't know I took it...he usually puts his hand up in his face. Ha ha.

Aunt Darlene and Aunt gals!

David took them on a tour of our yard. and this was before the mosquitoes got worse! youch!

Uncle Frank always was good with the he's playing animals with Levi...whatta guy!

ouch. what an ending for this post...she definitely has the biggest peepers I know of!

So, here's a little glimpse into our evening with the fam! We had such a lovely time...Mom's lasagna was delish...mmm mmm good, momma. Salad was bunnylicious (ya know, bunny food) and desert was the bomb on all fronts.

It was so neat to have my dad's side in our house...they've never been to our place so that was cool and kinda psychedelic all at once! Thanks for coming over folks!

I'll be back later on with more pix, hopefully, but first off, we are going to the church service, then late lunch at Becky's with the fam today! Hope you have a blessed day!


Tory said...

Yay! I get to be the first to comment again. Oh, I know, I am the biggest dork ever, but that's okay, I've made peace with it. That picture of you and Beck is kind of scary. Omigosh, her eyes are just right there on my computer screen. I think I might have nightmares. I'm jealous of Uncle Frank, but one of these days I will get my chance. It's amazing that with all of those pictures that I never really saw Ms. Moo. You would think she would be in every picture. Guess, she's Ms. Independent. Anyway, hope church and lunch were good, and you got more cake. It did look yummy! I guess that makes up for the scary face. Love ya', chickadee!

Tory said...

Actually, I think that I am only the first to comment because most people aren't used to you posting on the weekend. But, I always keep hope alive. ;)

velvet said...

tory, i don't know you, but you are cracking me up :)
and i loooove pdub's sheet cake! it is the BEST cake ever!!

Anonymous said...

they all crack me up!