Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A bit more from Sunday

This is the scrapbook page I framed for D's mom...yes, I know she will most likely have more grandchildren...but at this point in time, she has these 8!

David thought it would be fun to do a "stairstep" picture of him with his siblings in birth order...so from left to right: David (37), fraternal twin bro, Matt (37), Amy (33), Aaron (30 or is it 31?), Nathan (20), Natalie (18), and Emilie (14). I can't believe we got the whole group to cooperate...but they did and thanks, kids!! whatta memory! (David looks kinda weird because he had just gotten out of the pool so his clothes were sorta wet)

Carl, Judy and their brood of seven originals...David's head is peeking up over his mom's.
~I've been trying, in vain, it seems, to get more of the pictures from our Sunday trip to Illinois uploaded!

My cousin and fellow blogger, Tory, said she has been having trouble with her blogger as well...and she's no dial-up gal! High speed all the way for her!! sooooooo, that explains a lot!

We had a very nice visit with David's entire immediate family. Judy, aka Mom, Grandma, turned 60 yesterday so it was to commemorate that milestone! What an honor, I would say, to have all 7 of your children and their respective significant others (except for Natalie's fiance, Nick, who had to work) and children, show up. A good time was had by all...and if the pictures EVER upload, I will be able to show you (and I know you are dying to see it) the pics of D and his sibs.

In other news...it's storming here, big time...I am watching "Lorenzo's Oil" with Levi. We got it from Blockbuster online and it's a true story and very sad. You oughta rent it. Lorenzo just died this past May 30th, the day after his 30th birthday...so he lived quite a bit longer than doctors said he would...all in part to the oil.

Man, I'm exciting...plugging movies on my blog.

David had all FOUR wisdom teeth removed this past Thursday...we heard all the horror stories about how his face would swell up, dry sockets, vicoden overload...and ya know what? he has done amazingly well! REALLY! no swelling, no dry sockets, definitely some vicoden overload and that is even with weaning himself from it after the first day...and his mouth got quite chewed up in the traumatic removal! He said that hurt more than the actual removal. So thanks for your prayers for this dude...he went back to work on Saturday (nut) and hasn't stopped since, though he's a little loopier than usual, and if you know him, you know what I mean. (D, you're cute)
Ok, time to get a move on this Tuesday...check back later...hope to have more uploaded and the kids hope to blog today as well...so we shall see if blogger cooperates later! until then...arrividerci!

*side note* I don't know why my blog always scrunches my text right up to my pictures...I can space it out and when I post it, it goes right back up...ahhhh...so if u have any helpful hints for this nearly computer illiterate, I would be most appreciative!


Tory said...

Yay! This is truly a red-letter day...two posts in one day and with lots and lots of pictures. I am so happy. Just praying that blogger gets their kinks worked out. You guys sure have been BUSY! And, you're still sane? If I were you, I would be trying some of that Vicoden right about now. ;) Loved the pictures of David's family...they are all so unique. Well, it's time to go swimming. Just did my obsessive check on your blog, and I knew that I just had to comment

Anonymous said...

What a big crowd! It's so funny how all of them look the same, but look so different at the same time. Mel and Nat look so much a like...one of these days, at least one of your kids will look like you, right (mine might look like me at some point, too)? What a good lookin' group!!! xoxo

Smooches, Kara said...

I know a couple of Aunts and Uncles (and maybe throw in a couple of cousins) that would adore getting those pictures!! Especially the seven of them!

Levi's picture on your scrap page is priceless!!! Love it!!