Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Levner loves his mummy

head to toe shot.

head & shoulder shot

the top three pix will be in his "All About Me" book...

Do you like my new shirt? It says "I love my Mummy"...in Egyptian at the top and in English on the bottom...

Levner, you ask? Yeah, it's a horrible nickname that E. has bestowed onto poor Levi. We aren't sure where it came from but it has stuck...and Levi is not too happy about it, either.

This mummy shirt is way cool. When Tom took the kids to the art museum's Egyptian artifact exhibit this past Saturday, he couldn't resist getting this shirt for Levi, since Levi couldn't go with them.

Soooo, that's that...we are out the door to help grandma straighten up the place for the coming relative visit...Peace out, y'all!

**Edit**After much debate and a few good suggestions, the votes are in and the nickname that made me laugh the most and is most descriptive of Levi is................drumroll..............Levmealone.......sent in by dear cousin, Tory!! Love it. classic and oh so true! Levner IS quite horrible, and we only call him that when we want to torture him, which, I guess, is quite often where his sibs are concerned! Thanks guys!


Tory said...

Oh, cleaning, how fun. As a matter of fact, I am avoiding that right now. Good pick on the shirt, Tommy! He is such a generous uncle.

I'm with Levi on the nickname as it doesn't even seem to fit him. Tell E that he is more clever than that, and he should go back to the drawing board. Hahahaha...try "Levmealone", or "Levimeister" or maybe even "LeviSkywalker". Anything better than sounding like he's a rising agent (for bread).

All the best to Levi and Kindergarten. He sure looks all grown up.

Stickers said...

Cute shirt. Hope we get it in a hand me down pile two years from now.

Teige's nickname for Levi is "LeeLie" Of course, he hasn't learned how to pronounce the "v" sound yet, so we don't know if that one will stick either. I like Tory's idea of "Levmealone"

Tory said...

I like "LeeLie", too...still better than the Levner. :)

velvet said...

hey laurie!! how are ya? levi is such a little cutie - regardless of the nickname :)
ps - sky would love that shirt!

Tory said...

Hey, I was just about to comment that it's actually Wednesday when I realized that there was an EDIT. Yay, I actually won something! I just want to thank my mom, dad, the academy and all of the little people. Hahahaha...Hope you are having lots of Indiana fun. Love ya, kiddo.