Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Piper Heads Back 2 Class

Pretty K4 Girl!!

such a beauty...holding her little pb & j sammich for dear life.

1 entrance into the building down, 179 to go...ahhh. um kid? your backpack is almost as big as you! looks like all she's wearing IS that back pack..

Piper with her new teacher, Mrs. P., who is actually the sister to Piper's K3 teacher, Mrs. H.

Big girl! Can't believe you are four, girl! You are such a dollie!

Just wanted to share these pix that my sister just sent to me...Miss P headed back to her preschool classroom today! Where did the summer go?

Piper girl is growing up so fast and is becoming such a little lady! Love you, girl! We are blessed to have you in our family! Levi would be lost without you, though he'd disagree, just because he can.

Not much else going on...downloading some pix that my kid bro sent tonight also, of his three kids...so when this dial up dinosaur finishes up on THURSDAY, I will put 'em on this here bloggypoo.

Until then, nighty night!


Tory said...

She is just too precious! I cannot imagine sending a child off to kindergarten for the very first time. Oh, that's gotta be one emotional day. Realize that she was in pre-school, but somehow that's not just the same. I love the backpack being bigger than her...but, I just bet by the end of the year, it won't be quite as big. Thank you again for sharing all of these wonderful family moments. Love ya, chickadee.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for advertising my kids! I know that you are dying for me to blog, but you just do such an awesome job! Thanks for taking time out of your life and taking the focus away from your BE-YOOOO-TI-FUL kids to showcase the little queen for a minute! You're the best. PS...today was not as great of a start as yesterday...we'll get there, i'm sure!!! xoxo