Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Unsinkable Molly Y and Levi Yoder

someone likes to get into my scrapbook things...hmmm, nice eyelets all over the floor!

bound and determined to get into my stuff...

new kicks, and a new car...though the car is not new, it's new to her...this is the car that we bought for Will 13 years ago, when he was learning to walk...it's been around and it's well worn!

she is trying to get away from her big bully, er, I mean brother...

looks like she's just a-walkin' around, doesn't it? baby got back, that's for sure!

yes, he's wearing pants, albeit short pants...this boy loves, loves, loves LEGOS!!

this picture so reminds me of Melanie...she used to make this same scrunched up face...and you can see her top tooth breaking thru, can't ya?

Mr. Nice Skintone

had to put this shot of her chubby gams and new kicks on here for your viewing pleasure!

Here are a few pictures that I have taken around the house today...today is supposed to be my 12 on the 12th day...where I go around (thanks to Kara's suggestion) to take pix on the 12th of every month...in hopes of doing a scrapbook at year's end...to show just what a creative giant I really am. ha ha.

Anyways, Molly never stops. Unless she is sleeping (I know I need to call you back, Jill W...I just have not breathed since I got your message)...and that is pretty rare these days. She is trying to compress her 2 naps into one but I am fighting it tooth and nail. Darnit that she's so darn cute and bright!

I put shoes on her today. She doesn't wear shoes. ever. well, at least she hasn't much in her first year...(omigosh she's 13 mos. old now...). Thought it would be a good time for a photo op...she did not disappoint! Then Levi came in and wanted to be a part of it...and he is quite the poser himself...so handsome! Tiny man is getting ready to start some Kindergarten action...slowly all summer and full speed ahead here in the next week or so...I use a book, that I've used for the first 3 kids, called "Learning at Home"...He is so excited. Today, I spent a lot of time on our library's website, placing holds on a bunch of books that I need to go along with his lessons. I can't buhleeeeve that Levi T. is beginning his schooling career. Sorry for the ramble! See ya later, folks!


Tory said...

Well, I must say...what a gift after a long day to come in and see all of those great pictures. Ms. Molly is quite the young lady, and of course, my absolute favorite pic is the scrunched up face. That really emphasizes her cute little bobble-head. And, of course, Levi is a cutey-patootie. The one where she is trying to get away is just too precious...she looks like she is flying. Hugs to ya'll.

Anonymous said...

GREAT pics! I haven't commented at all in the past week or so, but i'm here and i'm reading! I've had a minute or so here and there, but again, i've actually had to work whilst at work and you know that's not my fave. Great posts this week! Moo is just too cute! I love the new scoots! Hopefully Nora will see her wearing them and want to follow suit...probably not. It's hard to keep shoes on her newborn puppy paws...love you all and sooo sorry about the pinkeye...yikes. xoxo

Stickers said...

Hi Levi,
I've been told that I have very nice skin tone, also. So, that's one more thing, outside of having nice dressers, that we have in common. Teige keeps saying "I want to go to my LeeLie's house." ~Miss Nicky

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