Thursday, August 14, 2008

..and we were swingin'...

First with last

E. on his wild stallion


calm, cool, and collected! love her little baby lips and dark ?blue? eyes!

sweet little future BFF's

fuzzy ducky head

gotta love those chunkalicious thighs, comin' at ya!

Beck and I met to walk the track at Independence Park this evening. Of course, we had all these kids with us :) ...but Piper and Levi were digging around in the community litter, I mean sand I didn't get any good pix of them. They aren't as cute or cooperative as Molly and Nora are. Kind of a captive audience with those two little girls...

Moo and Bean really dug the baby swings...well, whether they really liked it or not, we may never know...but what are they gonna do? Their smiles were indicative of a good time. Who wouldn't enjoy being shoved back and forth in a hard, black plastic swing? Thank goodness for those smooshy diapers to pad themselves. Sheesh.

I've gone on for too long in regards to this but hope you enjoy the pix of our cuties...Mel, Levi and Piper will be showcased again soon...


Anonymous said...

I love your new 'back round'! Ha ha. Love the pics from the park. Moo's thighs are just remarkable! I do love the pic of N's little fuzzy head. I'm glad that the breeze helped showcase that she does, in fact, have hair!! P's nails looked like she'd been working on the car all day, and i'm sure L's did, too! We had a good time, and would love to do that walk again soon! HOpefully P's has been halfway cooperative for you so far!

Heather said...

I LOVE the background, too! Did you do it yourself?'ve been muy productive w/ your blog since I checked it last night! You never disappoint!
I'm v impressed that you girls managed to watch kids, take pictures AND exercise all at the same time! You are the epitomes of multi-tasking!

Tory said...

Impressive, and I just LOVE the polka dots! Wow, you have been one busy little camper, and yet manage to be funny and descriptive at the same time. I'm just squirming at the thought of that hard plastic swing, and the thought of diapers isn't any better! You and your family are just so diverse that it's amazing you can keep things straight long enough to share them with us. ;) That's talen right there, chickadee! And, all your pictures of the Alpha and Omega get me every time. Too cute. Keep up the good work. ;) Love ya!