Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mondays and Tuesdays are always crazy

So, how are ya?
I'm relieved. I'm always relieved when Mondays and Tuesdays are over, not in a bad way, just a busy, busy way.
Monday was great because we had two extra girls at our house..Annie and Sarah were here...and that's always cool for Mel, who is always so sadly outnumbered over here. Then it was van cleaning day, off to drop the girls back home and over to Kristen's for the Beth Moore study....last night was cool because we got to send Kristen and her family off on their nearly 2-month trip to Hungary, where they will be adopting 3 more children to add to their family of 5...SIX KIDS! whoa nelly! So, Kristen, Tom, wherever you are tonight? you are in our prayers as you fly over the ocean and land in unfamiliar territory tomorrow...and as you meet your new family members! Check out their adoption blog at www.nemeth-csalad.blogspot.com.
Tuesday....after getting in at 3:30 a.m., David was up, bright and early to begin taking down our old siding...before TMorgan Construction showed up to begin their work! that is what the house pix are up above...nice guys, amazing work! we are astounded! whodathunk that trimming out our windows in cedar boards would make our house look so much cooler and so much different. I didn't. but I'm simple.
Mel, E, Molly and I left at 2 for piano and other amazing errands...and just got home at 9...that was a long, busy trip out and I'm ready to crash and burn!
so that's that. hopefully, I will have cool house pix to post tomorrow. G'night!


Anonymous said...

wow, that DOES make a dif! looks awesome! Moo is such a doll. I want to squeeze her to pieces. and then sprinkle her on a cookie and eat it...and then have to go to the gym and work it off...omg, i think i need to go to bed.
xoxo talk to you tomorrow, k?

Tory said...

I particularly liked the pix of Molly. She so looks like she is mischievous, and the second picture of her playing with the pacifier makes it look like she is setting a trap for some poor unsuspecting soul. Too funny! So, fun to see your day and all that's happening.

Happy Wednesday, t