Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jumpers, fingernails and friends from the past...

I didn't blog this last week did I? This is Beck, rubbing her finger nails on her lip...a sign that she is nervous, upset, comtemplative, thoughtful....she still does this! Love also that she looks like Piper here!

speaking of jumpers. (we were speaking of jumpers weren't we?) I went thru a jumper phase. David was really glad when I "outgrew" that phase...I'm on the hunt now for funny pix of myself in different ones...and there were a lot. who didn't love a good jumper? a no fuss outfit...find yourself some nice accessories and waa laa...fancy! this white with red polka dots above was one of my springtime faves. This houndstooth one below was one of my nice Lazarus (now Macy's) purchases right before I married David...I wore it into my pregnancy with Ethan...this is at my MI bridal shower with most of my aunties.

I've recently been re-connected with this friend from my past on good ol' Facebook...Lori J...she was a few years older than me but I always thought she was very cool and very sweet! Her hair always did the most perfect poof that we all tried so hard to perfect! She was also a great singer...always doing special numbers at church. Nice to be in touch with you again, Lori! (I look like a total dork in this picture but I had impetigo...and my face was all broken out in a painful scabby rash...ick. I've never had that again)

I've also gotten back in touch with this friend from my past, Candace...on Facebook. If you haven't joined FB yet, do's great fun and a cool way to find some blasts from your past. Unless you don't want to find some blasts from your past. then you're on your own, I guess.


It is a rather slow news day...we are just putzing around the house, cleaning out closets, doing laundry, working on math, English, whatever else we can come up with...I actually think I need to take a nap right now...I got tired all of a sudden....

Otherwise, things are going well...when something interesting happens, I'll be back, and if not? I'll be back anyways...I've got a bad case of the blogger blah's. maybe it's the weather shift...74 yesterday, 38 today. that will throw anyone into a dither.

Have a great Wednesday! see ya on Facebook?


Tory said...

Hi there! So good to hear from you. I am here, but like you said, the blahs are really bad. Especially since this is starting to be crunch time for this semester. Nice jumpers and friends! Fun post.

Hugs, t

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