Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The past few days...

It was Vicki's birthday on this evenin' she got a scoop of ice cream with whip...Happy Birthday, Lovely V!

Barbara and the pic below, they are kinda hidden so they got their own picture! Lucky girls! Fun ladies! I'm blessed to know them!

a remnant of our Ladies Bible Study group, meeting at BJ's Brewhouse...good times!
let's go around the table starting at Pinky in the front, whose name is Sandra, Belinda in the yellow, Sarah, Barbara, Mary in the waaay back, Linda, Mariah, who is Vicki's daughter, Vicki and yours truly. I was leaning down so my being would not be in the was a great time!

Tuesday was a heeeeeeeectic, crazy weird day....and in the midst of all that, Molly was fussy and whining....I was here and there but when I went to check on her, this is where she was. The poor punkin could take being up no longer! sweet pea. Levi was keeping his eye on her! thanks, buddy!

After our morning chaos let up and we went to piano lessons, we found a good park in G-wood so the kids could let off some steam and get some fresh air! I swear the 13 and 14 year old kids are the biggest kids of all. but that's what I love about 'em. mostly.

Ethan's turn to make the merry go round go round...

Sweet ride, Moll.

this was the cutest part of the day...watching the short one run around...what is it about short, little people running that is so darn cute? could it be her woman sized head with all that "lady hair" flopping 'round? or those stubby arms flailing? or the way she bounces instead of runs? I dunno...'tis cute!

the older kids were not thrilled that I asked them to do this...but the one that really didn't want to hold hands? Levi. Ethan's outfit is kinda funky because he was dressed and ready for our next stop, the YMCA! Yah! and no, Levi is NOT wearing man-pri's (guy capri's)...he just has some unusually long shorts on...sheesh...

love this running away from me shot...


lovely Mel

Molly wasn't that fond of being thrown in the air...

Things continue to be unusually busy around here....I don't know how I feel about that. :)

Tammy and I were talking about missing the quieter, more low key days of the younger kids scene. What's with this high energy lifestyle + teens/pre-teens? Our babies will never know that more homey time. Soccer has started, karate is in full swing, piano lessons, trips to the YMCA, running hither and yon....ahhhh. I am grateful for a car to drive, and a bit of $ in my pocket, though it does go fast with my please don't think for one second that I write all this to complain.
Just noticing. I can look forward to the quieter days of summer, when we can just kick back and hang out at the manor, swimming, tanning, playing! I will hang onto the lazy days of summer!
Today is a bit more low-key...home, catching up on laundry, helping Mel organize her room (yes, I'm helping her...the Anti-organizer), checking out math statuses, hopefully getting caught up on lots of David's blog, on that note, I'm outta here. Hope you enjoyed the pix....please continue to pray for little Stellan (My Charming Kids)...his heart rate is not going down! How unbelievably scary for his parents...but how amazing to see their reliance on a big God...our Awesome God! Have a blessed day! Come back soon....LY

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Tory said...

Hey there, pretty lady! Nice to see your face. Of course, you have been doing a better job of that lately, and I would be remiss for not recognizing it out loud. Love those pix in the park, and my favorite is the "Young" stairstep. Seems to be the Youngs favorite thing to do, and it's really cute. So, let your kids know that it was worth the effort. ;) Hope you have a good rest of the week, t