Friday, March 6, 2009

Just a bit more...

This is the man I love. I'm not sure why Jeff is in this picture...but maybe it's cuz he lived with us then and we felt the need to put him in our Easter pictures. go figure.
He definitely keeps things interesting. to say the very least.
Most of the time, 99.9999999% of the time, I love that about him. that other li'l bit maketh me a bit nutty. but you aren't truly alive if you don't struggle now and then, right? (I do seem to be focusing on that a lot right now, don't I? there is no particular reason...).
Today is a great day...we are's about 67 degrees out there...the kids are preparing to go outside and have a picnic...I'm catching up on a bit of scrapbooking, digging thru old pix and having a good ol' time. I've got some pix I want to post on my Facebook wall of some blasts from my past...yah! good times. watch out.
So, as we continue to celebrate this hunk o' mine...stay and on Facebook...for the buckets of fun I'm sure to bestow on ya!
Happy Birthday, Frank. You are quite a catch!

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