Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Update #124

Levi and his friend, Zion, from Horizon...say that three times fast...Zion from Horizon, Zion from Horizon, Zion from Horizon...whew! He is a funny kid and his awesome red hair makes all of us momma's jealous!

my bug eyes indicate that I was telling the photog to just take the beepin' picture...

my kids ARE big! Mel, ten, Will, 14, Ethan, 13...ahhh!

Molly's face was cracking us all up...she did this same expression in mostly every shot...

love my little brood! our driver took this for us..

we're still having fun, and you're still the one! I am honored to say that!

it's funny that when you start to lose weight, people just want to pick you up, put you on their backs and stuff....hee hee. I was actually on his back here...look closely at his face...he was suffering!

I love my dork...

E. can make some faces too...kinda like his mom.

smooth sailing down Capitol Ave...don't try this at home, folks!

This train had us stopped in our tracks for a good 10 minutes...sheesh!

this is what I was doing while we waited for train to pass...


If you live in Indiana, did you experience some beautiful springtime weather today? O man...that sunshine and warmth does my soul some good. It could be 65 all year long and I'd be a-ok with that!

This weekend has been enjoyable...

*Friday night, enjoyed some shopping with B., her two girls and my #3-5...although I'd rather put a pencil in my eye than shop with Levi, Molly, it wasn't too bad. At the end of our trip, a little girl walking with her parents decided to throw up man-sized puke in the middle of Macy's. yes, we walked in it but we tried hard not to. it was EVERYWHERE! She was like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. (I have never seen that movie but who hasn't seen that clip?) We got some much needed clothing shopping started and had great success! I love new clothing!

*David and E. got up early and attended Horizon's Men's Breakfast...where Mel, Will, Moll, Levi and I met up with them to finish the church cleaning.

*David and the big 3 went to their first soccer practice of the spring season and I quickly departed with #4 and #5 to my mom's. she graciously watched them for me so I could work my guts out at the Y with my beautiful sister. When we got down to the grown up ladies locker room, to enjoy some hot tub/sauna time, we were bummed that the hot tub was in need of repair. We did enjoy sweating our guts out in the sauna though.

*Came home, slept for ages and then Mel and I went to the store with no one else (yup, we even got to leave "Sybil" at home) get salad stuff and pizza for dinner.

*played some Apples to Apples...always fun...I won violent, weird and neglected. hmmm. they say the cards you win say a lot about you. don't get me started on neglected. ate some jelly beans and Reese's eggs, and David proceeded to feel the need to puke for a while. He didn't though. TMI? yup.

*Up for glad to be going this morning, since we have missed the last two weeks...wonderful worship service, great message from Tim and wonderful fellowship afterwards. amazing! Didn't exercise at all today.

*Home again...light lunch, made some of Donna's mmmm good. I could eat it all day..her version is my fave...come smell my breath. maybe you can from where you's highly possible. poop breath. prep for an evening at the canal.

*Oops, no canal...let's go on a carriage ride...that was the most fun! nothing like driving thru downtown Indy with 6 of your favorite loved ones, sniffing horse poo. We did try to check out the scene of a big blaze that occurred on the canal last week...big apt. building and homes up in blazes...all blocked off...can't see but boy could we smell it. eerie.

*Trains, taco bell, emails for I must go to bed...Annie and Sarah K. are hanging with us tomorrow....we will be praying for you, Tambo.

Hope your weekend was as lovely as ours. I really do. Hope to be coming outta the bloggin' slump. I think I can, I think I can....God bless you!


Tory said...

Nice, nice, nice...say that thrice! Oh, so much Indianapolis fun...I must say this is my Indi day...went to a presentation by a lady from Indiana U...apparently, she is well published and very famous for her work with non-profits. And, it made me think of you. Of course, I do that often, and this is nothing new, but it's still worth mentioning. Glad that you are about to come out of your slump...I am working on it (mentally).

Hugs and prayers, t

Anonymous said...

Hey laurie! Soo nice to see Indy pics......still have at least 4 feet of snow w/a mountain of snow out back at least 50 feet high! We're still enjoying playing in the snow, but are looking way forward to spring. Glad you're coming out of your slump! take care, shellee