Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Matt!

one of my favorite Matt the Pied different family gatherings, all the younger kids flock to him

L to R: Matt, Aaron, Nathan, and David...on a brother's gathering in San Francisco, when Matt lived out there. Whatta handsome group of guys, huh?
Ok, Matt, I have not forgotten to put a "just Matt" pic on here but there's always someone in the pic with you...I guess it would be kinda weird for me to be like, "Hey Matt, can I get a picture of you by yourself??"
so that's the struggle...though it is fun looking back at all these pix...
And it's true, over the years, we always wonder what Matt's hair will be like at whatever family function is coming next...whether it's the shaved look, or the wild and crazy long haired GQ model, you always keep us guessing! Thanks for making the Y family such an interesting place to be. emphasis on Interesting! fo sho

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