Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Update Part One

It's in the way that you use it....

pool shark

My Father in law and BIL Aaron...handsome men!

Nathan...our cute little ringbearer...can't believe he's 22. it's just not conceivable!

Molly would've been kicked out immediately...see Rule #4

laughing over the funny squirrel was pretty funny...


two of my three sister-in-laws...Natalie (she's the one getting married in Sept) & Emilie (she's the one that had a birthday last week)

I had a good time. Really, I did. No, really...the cake knife was just sitting there, so I had to use it as my prop...I have quite a sinewy neck, huh?

The ceiling above the pool table was decorated with the blue chalk...some poolers got quite we have a mermaid...wondering how they did that without getting a kink in their necks...talent.

chatting with the Mom...Em throwing up some ears...

what was left of the revelers...this guys with the wine glass was pretty funny...

We told Will that this character on his shirt looked a lot like we had him pose...eerie, huh?

The birthday boys and company

emphasis on compact...

Matt's cool, quaint Urbana apartment...
A crazy, busy, weird, tiring weekend...for sure.
Saturday was started with some serious YMCA time for E. and I before we left town for Matt's party....2.5 hours away.
David, Will, Ethan, and I made the trip over that evening...and though we thought we'd be bowling, we had fun anyways...Matt had lots of people show up for his party...I was really glad to have left Mel, Levi and esp. Molly at home with Mom and Beck...crowded, hot, and upstairs. it would've been a struggle!
We ate, played pool, talked, laughed, mingled...when it was all done, we took Matt home so we could check out his apartment...very cool! Urbana is a cute, tree-lined street kinda town.
In light of the time change, where we lose one hour, we got home at 5:30 a.m. Needless to say, we missed church, which I was very bummed about but it was good and necessary to sleep in.
Natalie, Emilie, I had a blast talking with you are hilarious and quite lovely! (Em, we will look into that hotel idea...)

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