Friday, March 27, 2009

soccer fun for all!

move over, David Beckham! Levi Y is on the scene...lookit those handling skills!

even on the soccer field, Levi and Pipey are inseparable! I love that they refer to each other as "honey"...and he was so excited to see his "wife" at practice!

whoops...whatcha doin there, honey?

Pipes shows some mad soccer skills at the onset of her soccer career!

all of their team mates were on the other side of the field, with the coach, where they were supposed to be! they were off in their own little world...

here, Miss P is laying her little head on her honey's was rather cute...

receiving instruction from Coach Mike (I think that's his name...or is it Dan?)

Nora wanted to be free...and Molly actually sat in her stroller the entire time...which was rare...unusual, never happens.

Mani-Scotti even showed up...he didn't want to miss Piper's first practice! what devotion. watch out, though, they may try to recruit you, ol' have some seriously mad soccer skills!

Pipes is cute with her shin guards on...she kept saying "my legs look big, don't they?"


Well, here ya go, Dad, Mom...the much anticipated soccer pix that I promised.

and there is more where these came can be sure of that!

I'll post more tomorrow.....lots to do but in the meantime, sleep is calling.

yikes, Laurie...Beck, you are lovely! Mom saved all the stylish,
attractive genes for her last child. no fair (I'm so jealous! right Tom?)

happy start to your weekend, folks!

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Tory said...

Looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing. My personal favorite is the one of Piper and Levi up close; but, it's because you are in the background leaning the same way as Piper. Too cute!