Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend update #125

the lizard mosaic is about to be unveiled...this is step #1 after the pour...epoxy hardens, next step? grind! polish! fun fun fun!



Scott's amazement never ceases when he's around his wife!

This was Beck's soup...and she thought this really resembled Cookie Monster...I think she might have been intoxicated

Friday night drive to the Cheesecake Factory...I'm so talented that I can drive and take pictures at the same time...all while keeping my kids' safety FIRST!

Ethan, you are such a phenomenal big brother! (we were leaving CF here...yes, my pix are out of order)

David and his fifth child...

Levi was my seat partner....




How are you?
Doing well?
Did you enjoy that blustery, last ditch effort on winter's part yesterday?

Kick 'im to the curb.

We don't want your kind 'round these parts no more, Old Man Winter. K?

I need Spring to go ahead and just stick around now.
This past weekend was, well, I dunno. I'm still trying to process it actually. I've been doing that a lot lately. (processing, that is)
From the look of the pix posted above, it may seem we eat out a lot. We don't. We get our Chinese once a week and maybe pizza every other week...but eating out is a rare thing for us. a treat so to speak.
We got rid of Mel Friday night (ha ha...she was at a slumber party)...and we had already planned to eat at the Factory that night...and can I just say, it's really not peaceful and easy to take Molly to places like this right now. I know this will pass...and once she was eating, she was fine...but she is figuring out the high chair buckles and wants NOTHING to do with having to sit down.
Lots of discipline going on for her right now. She is the epitome of the STRONG-WILLED child.
Saturday was YMCA, pick up Mel, get home, get ready for double date with Beck and Scott...enjoyed a yum-delish dinner at the Olive Garden...I could eat there every day. twice on Sunday. bread, salad, pasta, Andes thin mints when you get your check...David and I split the Tour of Italy. off to Starbucks for some business talk, dessert, fellowship.
Sunday...great worship service, wonderful message by Missionary Pratt on Forgiveness/Grace. an area I need lots of help in, fo sho. We ran some errands after that, ate some baked taters and veggies upon our return home...I left for the Y...(alone time is good even if you are using it to work out! I promise) home in time for Davey boy to leave with his big boys to go to a Pacers game...
Can I ask you to pray for us right now? I would appreciate it and I know David would too. things are moving and shaking around here. in good ways. in God ways. Thankful for His ever leading hand...thankful that I have a husband that is firmly planted in his own personal relationship with his very real Lord and Saviour. I will share more later.
now WAKE UP...from that boring update! Have a magnificent week and come back again soon! I hope to have some pix of Mel and E at their Karate yellow belt test tomorrow night! how fun for them! Until then, adios amigos!

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Tory said...

So much fun; so little time! I do see Cookie creative! I am glad that you had a good weekend and got to do lots of fun things with family and friends.

Hugs, t