Friday, March 27, 2009

haircuts and stuff

Good afternoon to you!

I was trying to take some pix of the new 'do...I always dislike my new hair the day after...

I got about 3 inches cut off, if not more...It felt quite good to lose that hair is thinning and the cut did it some good!

I am a horrible self-portrait girl, for a few reasons.

I don't know how to flatteringly hold my noggin/face/neck to look decent in pics. Plus, I have a hard time knowing how to hold the cam right to get it that way.

this is a total "nerd head" pose...and it was windy to boot.

My sister is good at all of this. She can "turn it on" with a moment's notice...we were playing around at soccer practice (making her husband peeved since we were jabbering and photo shooting, not watching our little ones at their FIRST practice)...She is good, she has "it" down.


she can even "self-portrait" with 2 extra people...

Ok, well I have some pix from soccer practice with Levi and Pipes...but I will have to post them later...I'm out the door to the YMCA...and off to a busy, hectic weekend!

Hope this finds you all peachy keen and doing well!


VELVET said...

love the mirror shots - i can never get a good pix of myself in a mirror :)
and i like the new 'do! it's a good length on you. you are beautiful as always :) i just trimmed my hair the other day, too. i love length, but minus a few inches somehow makes it look so much better. happy weekend to you!!

Laurie and company said...

sometimes I do better on the mirror shots than other times...must be the moon.
you are too kind, Velvet! Length is nice but I'm getting "older" (maybe if I put it in quotes, I won't feel so ancient)...and that length was dragging down my already old and sagging face. and when I lose weight, that's the first place it goes, my face. yes, because my face was so obese...why not the bum or belly? nope...face and bosom.
sorry 'bout that rabbit trail.
Hope you have a great weekend with your guys too! big hugs!

Steph said...

Adorable hair!! Love the highlights too. You are just lookin' fabo girlfriend. Tell that hubby of yours to take you out on a hot date so you can show off the new do!:)

Tory said...

Too much fun! You guys certainly know how to entertain us blog-followers. I like the new do...and, you are correct, the moment that hair passes the shoulder it "splits" and automatically makes it look thinner. And, as was pointed out, the highlights look great, too.

Hugs, t