Wednesday, March 4, 2009

wonderful wednesday and Happy 15th Emilie Elaine!

What's goin' on in your neck of the woods?

yes, those are piles of blankets behind him...those lazy homeschooled children know that they are supposed to clean up after themselves before starting their days. when oh WHEN will this sink in?

little hands that looooove to play trains...

so glad to see that you have pants on, Mr.

This is Molly, in her class at the Y...with one of the girls that cares for her...Nicole. they are behind the big, smeared up glass window, hence the glare on Petunia's head. We really appreciate the girls that care for Molly, Nora, Piper, and Levi...they are all very nice and Amber (who isn't pictured here) always does Molly's the cutest little piggy tails. Thank you, folks! It IS fun to play at the Y-M-C-A!! o yes!

~~well, well, well......

really, there is nothing to mention...

no pictures have been taken, well, not ones that I'm able to put up on the Internet anyways.


Ohhh, but I've forgotten...David's little sister Emilie turned 15 yesterday...we have lots of birthdays right at the beginning of March and they ALWAYS sneak up on me. always. every year.

So, Emilie, here are a few pix of ya, from the archives...I really need to dig up some really old ones...but I'll do that later....
This is Emilie, very left..dying Easter eggs with us almost FOUR years ago!

here she is with a good portion of her nieces and all of her nephews....

with brand-new Molly

Happy Birthday to you (belated), Happy Birthday to you (sorry so late), Happy Birthday, dear Emilie, Happy Birthday to you!!

Are you really FIFTEEN? that just doesn't seem possible.

She was born late into a Wednesday evening, early Thursday morning (3/3/94) in that the start of our fourth month of marriage, and also, consequently the same day I took a prego test and found out I'd be birthin' a baby six months from then...I remember vividly all the feelings and thoughts that I experienced, being around her, meeting the midwives of my Mom in law, who would lovingly become my midwives...and it doesn't seem possible that I've gone on, since that day, to have FIVE of the most awesome natural birthing experiences, Five of the MOST awesome kids...

and I can't help but feel a tad melancholy because that season in my life is over.

don't get me wrong, folks. I'm relieved, blessed, glad that it is. but it's bittersweet.

that's all. Emilie, this is what I always "feel" when your birthday rolls reminds me of birth and beginnings, journeys.

More later...gotta go plug in the diffuser of Eucalyptus for hacking, itching, coughing children. Oh, spring, please be around the corner.



Brittany said...

I told Emilie that I remember when she was born. Amy and I were in the throws of my wedding planning. I remember seeing her new self. Paul and I were in the throws of wedding planning. Such exciting times for me.

Ummmm, are you telling me that even at 14, kids homeschool kids STILL don't pick up after themselves. Oh, PLEEEEEEASE give me hope! I bet I ask a hundred times a day, "When are you EVER going to learn to pick up after yourself?". Oh well, I suppose they learned from the *sigh* Hey, at least we're learnin' them something, right? teehee!

Laurie and company said...

memories. love 'em. thanks for sharing them with us!

I'm very sorry to say that 14 year old homeschool kids STILL need kicks in the pants to get going on what they already KNOW they need to do. everyday. it's like we go to bed and everything from that day is erased. unbelievable! :)

but you are right also in that they do learn from the best (ME)...I can be a total pack rat slob...just ask my neatnik husband. I drive him nuts and when he's here and notices mess...he calls all of us "slobs"...

o well. what can we say? it suits our creative nature!

hope you are having a good Thursday, Brittany.

big hugs!

Tory said...

Hey, it's not a mess if it's being used, and it sure looks like Levi could get cold at any moment and need a blanket. Yes, I am on their side because I often have blankets on the ready. Have I mentioned that I really don't like to be cold? Oh well, guess that I would just be another one of D's nightmares. Hahaha...but, like I always tell my "Monkish" friend, you either get me, the pack rat that is always ready to go for a new adventure and has diverse interests, or I am busy cleaning up the house all the time, and don't have time for anything pick! It usually works. ;)

Sure glad to see you around these parts. Hugs and good well wishes, t