Thursday, March 19, 2009

Housey pictures

David has some of the nicer legs I've seen! (he's the cutie in all black)

mmmm cedar.
nothing smells quite as earthy, inviting, splendid as that!
Amazing how a few cedar boards can make a place seem that much more put together.
Yeah, we've got a way to go...but this was the push it needed to tie it up a bit more....yeah, we wish our money tree out back was budding again (big smile inserted here) so we could put on the cool siding ... 'tis oh so neat!
Good work, guys!
I will have to take more pix tomorrow, in the daylight again, but when we got home tonight, it was dark...and there was even more completed! wow!
makes me feel so grown up.
ha ha.
Happy Spring tomorrow...7:44 a.m. Vernal can balance an egg on this day! Try it.

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Tory said...

Oy vey, a house and siding?! Wow, that is really grown up. I cannot even begin to imagine where to start with all of that. And, maybe, with spring here that money tree will begin blooming again. ;)

Hope you had a good weekend, t