Tuesday, October 12, 2010

trains & bangs



Figured I could start being a bit more diligent about my blogging, since my parents don't travel down to our house to swim every day.

Figured you'd like to see what Levi and Molly are up to, Mom, Dad...they are still alive and kicking.

In all reality, things are going very well...God has answered some big prayers in our lives (He's so good at that)....so neat to see Him work. I think He's always done that in our lives but maybe now that we are seeking Him for everything, we notice it more. Prayer is powerful. Prayer knits you tightly with those around you.

We actually enjoyed a delish home cooked meal tonight. David's job with Blakley's ended yesterday so he will be home in the evenings now, until his next big job starts at the beginning of November. Then, we just may never see him ever. Salmon, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies....I think my peeps thought they were dying and on their way to heaven. We know how to eat well but it's the time...we just don't take the time to eat as well as we should or could.

On that note, my brain food is kicking in and I'm going to go lay down and read. Hope your Tuesday has been truly spectacular. nighty night...

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