Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gibberish, I tell ya..

This reddish green tree and I go way back. Ever since I started walking out on Waverly Rd. consistently (back in the fall of 2006), I've loved watching it each season..

I don't feel very good tonight. it makes me feel cranky nostalgic. not necessarily a good thing, ya know?

Tired of waiting on people to get their crap together and get over themselves. done making efforts. dropping the ball and letting it sit. discouraged and not sure how to proceed and make things right. I guess I will just take it to my Heavenly Father ... He's so much better at sorting thru all the gunk and mess that we make.

Not sure what that has to do with this tree other than the sheer fact that seasons change and so do we.

I'm going to stop on this now. beyond frustrated so I should go to bed.

End on a positive note:

~Hubby's business opportunities just keep getting better (Thank YOU, Lord...it's ONLY because of You)....upcoming work that will keep him and his crew of hopping into the next year...probably even have to find some newbies. changes are a-coming....
~Outstanding kids, even if I was aggravated with one or the other thru out the day. sorry guys. don't mind the spilled milk on our wedding album. E, I should just be thankful that you got a glass of milk for Molly to enjoy with her Double Stuf Oreos. Each kid (and I "no lie") knocked my proverbial socks off at some point today. in good ways.
~Coolest chicks to call my friends: Becky, Tammy, Jennifer...I got to see all THREE of 'em last night...God knows I need accountability and He provides it in the most incredible ways. All 3 of these girls holds a tight spot in my heart. also, my momma...it's understood that you rock but hope you know I still think you do, even if I am busier than the Red Hen. I will praise the Lord for the rich friendships He has so kindly given to me. I pray I'm a better woman because of these ladies' and their influences.

WATCH OUT: RANDOMNESS ALERT:::::::Can I just say Mr. Bean is stupid and I don't know WHY my kids like him so? Is it all the gibberish? the physical comedy? I dunno...I'm listening to them watch Mr. Bean's Holiday and I want to throw something heavy at the TV.

Ok, time for bed...so crabby. so many fun things I want to blog about but maybe I should do this in the morning when I'm "fresh". ha ha. night.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ya know, sometimes gibberish is just what the doctor ordered.
hashing it all out, putting it all down, giving it away to the only Person who can handle it =)

wishing you some peace and a great night's sleep!
(((hugs))) -nic

oh yeah, Mr. Bean needs to go away.
forever...wow, and you thought you were crabby!