Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy 14th Birthday, Alexandra!

A huge shout out to our niece, Alexandra, pictured above hugging on Levi, who turns the big 1-4 this year!!

She's our first niece and when she was born, I'd only had Will and Ethan so I was quite green with envy over her arrival...I actually thought I'd never have a daughter. And then when Alexandra's sister, Abbey, pictured above also, on the left, showed up when I was pregs with Mel (but didn't know it was a girl)...was even more green with envy.

God was gracious in giving Melanie to us, for imagine the mayhem that would've ensued if it had been Melvin instead of Melanie. ha ha. (I do love my boys!)

Happy Wednesday to you and a very happy birthday to Zandra.

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