Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flying Circus

• I love that Tom caught this with his just made my year.
• I have proof that she is a handful.
• Where DID she acquire such gracefulness?
• Love that David's eyes are fixed on the TV and he is missing the amazingness that is about to descend on our couch. this is my life. ha ha!

This girl wants to be Spidergirl...look at those calf muscles!!

today I am praising God for reconciled friendships, healthy kids, adorably intense husband, beautiful bright sunshine, an opportunity to pray with TK today, a good yet quick visit with 3 of my favorite people (Randy, Uncle Frank and Aunt Nan) and the freedom, gas, health and ability to go to the YMCA with my sister and most of our kids. Well, all of her kids but 3/5 of mine.

I am not worthy. I stand in awe of God's orchestration.

Gotta run...Happy Wednesday to you and yours! I love YOU!

Photo Credits: Tom G Photography. It doesn't get any better!®


Tory said...

Absolutely love the action pix! Tom is amazing...can I get him to come to NC to photograph my class? I want a picture or pictures of my classes starting with this first official one, but I have 38 students. And, I am sure that I will need to put them into two pictures. Which is fine, but I am not sure that I can do it justice. Oh well...Anyway, am in awe of Tom's picture taking abilities, and Moo's supertalent!

Glad to hear of reconciled friendships, too! All the best...

Denise said...

WoW! And I thought Levi had a ton of energy... :) She looks like she is having a blast. (I better not show this to Levi. I really don't want this happening at my house.) lol


Natalie said...

I looove that picture! That will definitely be an awesome one to look back on when she's up and grown. It's too funny! :D