Thursday, October 14, 2010

If you asked me, I could write a book....

two and a half years ago...

two years ago...He's much taller now.

Just wanted to drop in and say HEY!
A few updates for myself more than my blog friends...occasionally, I go back thru my blog to remember events for David's records...
~Joe's meeting with investor this morning - sounds like some answered prayer again. we shall see.
~work being done at Bandy's on the Six Square game.
~Levi spending the entire Wednesday out with D. Good male bonding and a break for mom :)
~Details on Methodist job coming together.
~Visit with an old friend, prayerful reconciliation.
~All the what if's, how's and such of our future. Leaving it ALL in God's hands. all of it. yikes.
~Investor meeting tomorrow night, being held at our C4 building, from what I hear. We will have food and info.

Ok. Did you enjoy the much needed rain we got yesterday? Our weather guy said it was the most rain we've had since July 28th. Wow. Droughty Droughterson. I love the way clouds and gloom force you to chill. I so need that in my life right now. It's like a whirlwind each and every day. So I'm hoping that this autumn, we get some of those days. I just wanna stay home. (I'll stop whining now).

As for Will's upcoming b-day....the kid only wants $ to buy his own clothes and stuff. seems so strange. yet so easy. now, if that $ tree hadn't dried up in this drought...:P

Here's hoping your Thursday is a beautiful Autumn delight.

P.S. This day last year, we were in Colorado Springs with Eric, Carrie and their kids. That was one of our all time favorite stops. Pike's Peak, Colorado Springs Zoo, Garden of the, it's beautiful out there. can't believe that was a year ago.

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