Sunday, October 31, 2010

Levi Taylor is an 8 year old boy!

hard to believe this tiny little fella is EIGHT! your nickname should've been Rough Start...for you surely had one.

always Mr. Serious (back then)

little flopdoodle...your other nickname was Tongue Boy.

photo courtesy of Kara D...oh, and the one below too.

Love those foldy li'l ears...

killer eyes

looks like he inherited my T-Rex arms. ha ha.

Happy 8th Birthday, Levi Taylor!

I remember the day I found out you were a boy. It was July 4th, 2002. Becky took me to Romper Womb. She was a mess because she had just broken up with her boyfriend. When the technician said it was a boy...she nearly spit. but only because she wasn't liking boys too much at that moment. She recovered quickly. We were so glad to know what you were, because this was our first ultrasound EVER. It made it so real that you were actually going to be joining our family. That very night, we all picked out your name. Levi is kind of in honor of my mom's side of the family...Her dad's name was Lee and his last name was Taylor.

We had such a quick homebirth with you, Mr. Levi...the midwives had gone to Walmart in Martinsville to get fabric, thinking we had more time than we did. I progressed quickly! Mom, Beck and our 3 oldest went to Meijer for food...we had to call all of them back so David didn't have to deliver the little fella.

During your baby exam, the next day, Mary Ann discovered a hairy tuft at the base of your spine, which can signify spina bifida occulta. Very common in babies of English descent. Levi, you are very English. we were FREAKIN' out. you had to have an ultrasound on your spine, but it was a good ending. I felt so sad for had such a rough start.

When you were 8 days old, we had you circumcised. We are not Old Testament Jews, we just do that because your blood has had 8 days to build up healing defenses. While Doc Countryman was doing the deed, you reacted to the analgesic and endured some anaphylactic shock. Doc got worried about your heart...time for another ultrasound. All good. Natural doc Grandma Y told us you simply (or not so simply) reacted violently to the numbing agent. Yikes. ouch.

Even though you've been delayed in some areas, you aren't delayed in so many others. We love that you march to the beat of your own little drum. You are a Gentle Giant. For someone who started out at 7 lbs 3 oz (my smallest baby), you've recovered well.

We look forward to all the good things God has planned for your life. I think it includes music and comedy. You are such an entertainer (remember in Sunday School this morning?? you were cracking up all the kids with your pretend sleep and funny antics). We love you, Levi. You are a hoot hoot...


Tory said...

I love those killer, soulful eyes. And, I loved hearing his story...story that I don't know because we are so far away. Hope the little man had a wonderful 8th birthday.

wv: averse (is this averse to bad things...or is it a verse of levi's life has inspired me on this glorious first day of november?)

Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie! We have a "loaner" computer right now, so we are back up and running. Glad to catch back up on your blog. Happy Birthday Levi! What a cutie! Time flies by so fast, doesn't it? Take care and (hugs)