Wednesday, October 27, 2010

school pictures once more...

Piper is in 1st grade this fall and really, sass-wise, she should be in say, 6th. She is such a little priss, very funny, observant, and we love having her in our family.

Nora is in K3 this year...whatta big girl. One question I have though, where did this girl get such brownish eyes? there's no denying her paternity...and I was there when she came out soooooo, I'm confused. quite honestly, it's just NOT fair! David actually has a brown-eyed mother...why couldn't one of my kids have gotten them? I'm going to go pout. We love this pint-sized sassafrass lass too...she has been a nice addition to the clan and I love the dynamics between her and Molly. BFF's, baby!

I don't feel I can blog unless I have a picture to put with it.

This week has been just plain weird.

Monday: Got up at 6 and walked with my neighbor chick. Biology for Will. My mom flew to California. No more soccer. School. Karate. Began a Ladies' Bible Study with Tambo, Linda and Dawn. that was the best part of that day! It was so unseasonably warm and I'm just ready for a little more chill. (50's - 60's is good)

Tuesday: Got up at 6 again to walk with Tashena. It was so eerie and windy outside. Sent D and the boys up to storage. Big storm blew in. lost our power. took forever to be restored or so it seemed. Mel and Levi got attacked by other neighbor's pit bull for the LAST TIME. Called Sheriff. Not sure what he did but he went over there, hopefully telling them to PUT THE DOG DOWN. So sleepy and weird all day. Tim W. came to give estimate on finishing up siding on house front etc. (can I get a whoooooop whooooop?) Piano. School. home for more mope. Watched Angela's Ashes to depress myself further. Went to sleep after watching a wrestling session between all 5 kids (Molly's a better fighter than Levi so we had instruction on how to punch like a man for him. marked improvement). baaaaa.

Wednesday: well, we're off to a decent start. One cup of joe down....bills being paid, now to get going on the Harvest Party details. Levi went with his Dad that is cool. Male bonding...hope your Wednesday is a bright, cheery sorta day.

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