Saturday, October 9, 2010


Yesterday, my three oldest kids and I had the immense pleasure of joining Tammy and her two oldest girls in downtown Indy at the Indiana Repertory Theatre's presentation of "Holes" (you may have seen it in movie theaters about 8-9 years ago) was SO cool. we were in the SECOND row and E was in front of us in the front. The players literally spit on us. ha ha.

Always checking out the floors...

There were costumes placed all around in their upper area...the girls really enjoyed posing next to them.

I've got to get me some of those star lights. love 'em.

creepy little bird..handsome young men.

We weren't allowed to take pix inside the theatre but these doors were open into the theatre...I wasn't technically in there...this is our cast practicing before their 10 a.m. show...

We went down to Mass Ave after for some Bazbeau's pizza for lunch....Here, we have our crew next to a creepy big head, sniffing Tammy's Fair Trade coffee...My boys...just love their expressions. E, I hope it was just because you were standing in the sunlight that we had this expression.

not much better here but what can i say...maybe the big head was freaking him out.

The adventures that aren't pictured here include:

Taking my big, grey van into the Circle Centre Mall's parking garage
-just barely short enough
-Tammy crouched down in the front seat out of fear that at any moment, we would shear the top of our van off on a pipe or cement structure. so much so that she pulled a muscle.
-Due to the mounting fear that we would get stuck, after finally finding a decent parking space, squeezing my van in, tapping the car in front of me, I left my window rolled down the entire time. Thankfully, nothing was touched. but sheesh.
-When we drove out to pay, the attendant at the money booth, in her cute little foreign accent said "You drive beeg bus"...

We had a really great time and it was so cool to be so close to the action on stage....I knew it made me wanna do some acting...Thanks, Tammy, for suggesting this to us, getting us out there and getting some culture. It was a blast.

Now I must go....we have a busy day filled with Soccer at CCG (12:30 and 2:30), Bandy work, house cleaning, and a "Come Wreck Our House" Party at the K's tonight.

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