Friday, October 15, 2010

six square

David and other people are working on a six square version of his HTFS flooring over at the Bandy's residence...Many people have donated lots of time to seeing this thru.

That is where my husband and sons are at today...Will's last day as a 15 year old. sniff.

But man, isn't it a glorious autumn day? 62 degrees, sunny, leaves blowing in the wind, Pumpkin spice Americano to sip on....(after weigh in of course)...

Tonight, David is hosting an open house for his investors. He is legally supposed to do this...kinda tell people where the work/patent/$ is at....and we still wait on other news.

The good part of said open house is the fried chicken from Byrd's Cafeteria and other fine food. It is sure to be an informative and belly-filling time.

Hope your weekend is spent enjoying some outdoor time and wonderful worship.

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