Sunday, October 3, 2010


Just wanted to share this with my friends...

Is this not the cutest little super hero around? Eat your heart out, Superman...

I'm always tickled to see what cute, funny, clever, creative things Natalie will do with Ryan...and this one did not disappoint.

blogging funk but wanted to give you something to chew on if you happened by.

On another note, the Lord has been answering big prayer requests left and right (quite literally) and though I'd love to mention them all here, I won't for lack of time and such. I stand in awe of His power and faithfulness, that even if the answers had been NO or wait, it is still so cool how quickly He is answering them, which in turn answers other prayer requests.

We serve an incredible Savior.

Happy Sunday...

Credit to Natalie for the above picture!


Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie,

Just finished browsing through your blog, catching up on what I have missed lately. We are still without a computer, so I can only randomly check things. I did want to let you know that #9 is on his/her way, not sure If I told you that last time or not. He/she is set to make an appearance in April 2011.

((hugs)) my friend,

P.S. thanks for blogging, you always make me smile !

Laurie and company said...

You did tell me, Shellee and I couldn't be happier for you and your group of guys....we will be praying for you guys (and crossing our fingers ever so slightly that this is your GIRL!!!!) are you feeling?

God bless you, my friend....keep me posted!
I shall blog about it when s/he arrives for sure.
with your permission of course.
Hugs from Indy...and lots of love