Friday, November 18, 2011


sweet boys...

we went to Jack's grave today, to clean it up for the winter.

I don't usually cry because I'm out there so regularly...but I have my moments and it really hit me today.

This is not how I imagined this winter, last year. visiting my son's grave? making sure the trinkets and memorials that other's have placed out there are cleaned up, so the Forest Lawn peeps don't pitch it?

for real?

well, has been 20 Thursdays now since Jack Oliver Young met Jesus Christ. so glad for him. such a raw deal for the rest of us until it's our turn.

wish you were here, sweetie pie. I really do.  I just want to smell your sweet breath and play with your chubby legs.

In other news, I've been avoiding Pinterest for a while now...but went ahead and dove in tonight...ruh roh...I love it. oh man, do I!

I'm outta here...thank you for loving our darling boy with us.


Tashena said...

That is such a touching a photo of 2 of your boys.
Thank You for sharing this "raw" part of your life with us...I feel special to be included.
I look forward to reading your post about Jack's new stone & "My mind is a jumbled, sparkly, chaotic place to be right now.

Here are a few things I would like to pull out and share...

Chalkboard paint....discuss....

paper stars....discuss....

the start of JOY Ministries ... discuss..."

Looking forward to details on all these happenings.
Remember, I am just a few steps away and ready to help in any way I can.


Jodi said...

What a beautiful home full of beautiful people.
I love you.
:) Jodi

Jodi said...

The above comment was supposed to be for your Wednesday post. :( I goofed.

But I still think that you all are beautiful people.
All of you.

And capture those mommy thoughts so completely...sweet breath and chubby legs.
You make me hurt to think of how you hurt to hold him.

Once again...blah.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

That picture is the most poignant. The first and the last, it reminds me of the verse in Revelations: I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end...a promise that God keeps you in his hands. Although, I still cannot fathom how much you must hurt, dear family.

Love and blessings, Tory

Duane and Shellee said...

I Am so glad that you have this very special picture. I would have liked to have met (again) your kiddos while I was there, that are all awesome! Will gives me hope for what I hope my guys will someday be, at least in part ( I am reminded what my hubby said when we first met "Wilhite is German for 'stubborn'." LOL, it's true I think! (they surely don't get it from me!) ;). Can't wait to see more sparkly JOY crafty stuff !! ((hugs)) to you and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family and TORY too!


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to Shellee, too, and Merry Christmas and Happy 2012!