Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Praying for you, cousin Tory!

I know you may feel like this tonight...but breathe deep...

And use my tried and true stress reduction kit....this has saved me many times.

This is another way I deal with stress....though this is not me in this picture, I am quite accomplished at this yoga pose....hee hee.

And this one too...when I'm feeling especially stressed (which seems to be often anymore...) I break out this extreme yoga pose...this may even be me. ha ha.  can you believe how agile I am? yeeee-ikes.

I kid, but really, I am thinking of you tonight, praying that your defense goes AMAZINGLY well tomorrow...and that grad school isn't far behind. While I am running kids to and fro, I will be wondering if you are in the midst of presenting.

Sooooo, what I'm trying to say is...when you get finished tomorrow, however that actually goes...jump on here, after a little celebrating, and let this ol' worn out cousin of yours know how it all went down.

That is at the forefront of my brain tonight.

Enjoyed a nice workout at the (klepto) YMCA with my sister and my daughter.
Had a nice day being at home, getting stuff caught up, bills paid and even got to visit with my adorably pregnant, beauty of a neighbor, Tashena. (Hi Tashena...your cookies and vanilla chai are the best!)
Talked on the phone with SHELLEE....all the way from Japan. soo great to hear her beautiful voice and she explained a beautiful gift she'd sent me that I will be blogging about very soon. I'm so excited and thrilled.
Got some good math (and other stuff but ya know...) done with Levi.
Molly did her school today too, and she bug bug bugs to do hers while I'm in the midst of Levi's so I get her going on her Handwriting without Tears etc. It requires a lot of coloring and pre-k stuff and she quits on the coloring pretty early in the game because she's "tired, pretend tired, from all this coloring. my hand hurts"

handwriting and old fashioned forms of communico really are lost arts.

So, good night...I can hear David bellowing in our room below for all of us to get tooo bed.

praying for you, Tory...

love to all of you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, CRAP, I already put my mascara on, and now, it's down to my chin...your blog took me by surprise. (And, I just checked it before bed last must have been right after I shut it down.) At least, I have time to fix the racoon eyes, but I am thankful that I checked your blog. It does much to calm my heart to think of all the people that are petitioning God on my behalf.

You had quite a full day! And, I am glad that you talked to Shellee since she has been rather quiet on the blogger (figured that she has a lot going on like traveling). But, I am glad to know that she is doing well. And, visiting with Tashena, I know how much you two had been wishing to catch up. Finally, to brave the Y again, but my question is this...did you leave your phone in the car? ;)

And, I simply love all of your humorous pix and comments...too funny! I should put some of them in my presentation. hahaha...But, I must say, that one where you put the paper on a hard surface and bang your head? That needs to be corrected to say bang someone else's head here...that's what would relieve stress yet keep me from going to the hospital. ;)

Well, I guess that I should get back to my last minute presentations. I will be certain to update you when I can.

Love ya, cuz, Tory

Anonymous said...

Yay, I passed, and now, I am officially a PhD candidate. (No longer just a lowly student... teeheehee...) The next big hurdle will hopefully be in March. Until then, it will be slaving away at the research and writing the remaining chapters.

Thank you for your prayers. You rock, Tory

Tashena said...

I posted - it disappeared!

Just "YAY" for more posts!!!