Sunday, November 20, 2011

as we gather together...

Melly and Ellie

My Starlet

found this ornament that Tammy had given me two years ago...has a whole new meaning this year. It actually amazes me how many JOY stamps and ornaments I already I've been searching for JOY for many years.

we are in full speed ahead crafting mode...more to come on this later.

not sure why Levi was so glum. must be the horrendous blue socks.

such confidence as he cleans out the gutter

don't fall there, Daveyboy!

we be lovin' these stars...
I won't post much tonight...just wanted to get some more pix on before the whirlwind week picks up.

so many thoughts rolling around in my head...ting ting...can you hear 'em?

until then...Godspeed.


Tashena said...

Been waiting all day to see a post!
I can hear 'em - and I'm waiting for all the gooey details!
Love to ya!
Maybe we can "do tea/coffee" again soon!

Anonymous said...

Nice stars. They are the BEST! Happy Thanksgiving, cuz. Love you and wish you many happy new memories in this week of craziness, Tory