Friday, November 4, 2011

Here 'n' There Morning with Molly

This is a post I found in my draft box this's from September of 2008. Can't wait to have grandkids someday! I will be the best blogging gramma.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, Molly is a royal spaz. I've also mentioned that she reminds a lot of us in my family of her big brother, Will, when he was 14 months old. That boy was non-stop movement as well.

Why am I posting this? so I will remember for years to come. So I will remember, when I get that uterine urge to pro-create again, why I shan't. I'm 35.5 right now...I could handle this busy baby stuff when I was 22, 23...and such. but now I'm just old. look at me, I'm old. (what movie is THAT from?) so, that is why I blog about this. if it bores you, leave. :) if it is ok with you, then you must be related to us one way or another.

Molly, today, at the age of 14 months, you are just so darn adorable. You are carrying a purse around on your shoulder. It's cute because you hold your arm up in the air. (I got pix of it so will show up on here). You talk all the time. You love to be chased. Your laugh is infectious and pure, not bar wenchy like mine. You have four teeth. you are still a momma's girl (and that's ok because I am too)...your hair is stick straight in front and curly in the back (nice mullet, kid)...You walk more than you crawl. You actually like Levi right now. You can tell the difference when one of your siblings is taking care of prefer Mel over all those stinky boys, though they are all excellent with you! You shake your head no when asked something, even if you aren't sure what we are talking about. You are stubborn and beautiful!

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