Friday, November 4, 2011

So the fun weekend began...

You are with us everywhere, little friend.

Last Friday, October 28th, we took the kids to the Indianapolis Zoo, Zoo Boo.
We then managed, somehow, to lose Levi's tiny cowboy hat. Molly left her good mood somewhere else too.

I took more pix of this but they are on my phone. which got stolen at the YMCA last night.

Here they are, in all their glory. and they are loving every minute of it.
Where did these big ol' kids come from?

OK, Tory, so this pic and the next are for you. Since we didn't make it to the Waterman's Fall Festival this year, this  Zoo one may just have to do. Which bummed me because it was wayyy too short for Will, Ethan and Mel to stand in front of. waaaa. Molly's a tad over 3 feet. wow.

We got to take the train ride, which I had kinda forgotten about...very cool!

Gaggle of humans that I love.

Molly was our cruise director. surprised?

the pressure was mounting...

in the pavilion, the zoo hosted some Fallish activities...the bounce house was a huge hit with our littlest ones.

I was rather surprised when Highway to H*ll by AC/DC came on over the (very) loud speakers. They had a DJ so the guy had to know he was playing a rather inappropriate song in the children's tent. really? sheesh.

This is the last time that we saw Levi's tiny hat. I think David set it down somewhere and we just forgot it. We are so air-headed anyways....Ethan totally wishes he was small enough to get in the bouncy house. He may have even been crying here...yup, I think he was.

This is just a taste of the Harvest party pix...Molly can be so temperamental. Mel is such a good big sis to her and Molly plays the drama queen card quite often. ugh. I will say it really is a good thing YOU are cute, Molly...your saving grace...

Last Friday began a whirlwind weekend of fun and sheer crazy.

Thursday night: David is legally required to host a yearly shareholder meeting. We hosted the said event at our church building, with good food and floor samples set around for the people to see for themselves. He and Juan got to answer questions, talk about the floor and after a week of fasting, (essentially, only eating oatmeal, veggies, fruit) #1-4, David and I ate some fattening food and boy!! was it ever tasty.

Friday: Up early for kid drop off to Grandma's, retrieval of Uncle Tom and Grandpa to head to the Indiana Repertory Theatre's production of William Shakespeare's JULIUS CAESAR. We were there with Will and Ethan's Literature class (Southside Christian Homeschool Academy) and got to sit in the very front row. Imagine was like being in the splash zone in the dolphin house at the zoo...the spit we saw flying was amazing. The play was incredible and we stayed after for the question time. Such fun and what fun memories!
Met Grams to pick up #4-5 and give Gramps and Tom back, head to Zoo Boo, tire ourselves, head to Movies 8 to see Cars 2, drop Mel at Kaleo for her "Where's Waldo" Clue Party, pick up Piper and Nora for sleepover.
Home to prep for next day's events...
Back to get Mel at 10 p.m.

Saturday: Up and at 'em.
Thank the Lord for my kids because, after the past 4.5 months, I did not want to embark on this project. Will and Ethan financed the whole event and the 3 big kids got pretty much everything ready. How cool is that?

I'd say pretty cool.

I shall blog about the harvest bash later on...for now, we are heading out for another fun Friday, hoofing it thru the hills of southern Indiana...Bloomington, Nashville. Olive Garden. ha ha.

At the end of this evening, we will be depositing our 3rd child at the Hilltop Christian Campground for her overnighter with Kaleo.
Gotta Go...

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Anonymous said...

Am taking a break from grading papers; and, I just thought that I would visit your blog for music. Never expecting two more posts and comments! What a blessing to this sad little soul. You know, most days I am jealous of you and your family. That is, until I hear your schedule, and then, after I get my head out of the panic attack paper bag, I head for a nice nap. I just don't know how you do it. But, I know one thing, you are a stronger woman than me, gunga din.

I love the pix, of course, even the ones with the height. And, I don't want you to feel guilty for not getting the other pix. That's a good reason not to start a tradition, then you never feel bad for not keeping it up. I think that has always been my motto. Do celebrate, but always make it unique to that year. Then, you never have to hear, "but momma, that's how we have always done it".

Sorry to hear about your phone. I heard that there is a "Gotcha App" that can help to identify who stole it. Guess that's a little to late to help now; but, I find it interesting that people are stealing these phones. That it's such a problem taht people actually were driven to create an app.

Well, I guess that I have worn out my welcom. I liked the historical Moo post, too!

Hugs, and prayers for a good weekend, Tory

wv: oh, i just have to share "parepunk". Would this be do you have a pairo'punks? or Pare down that attitude punk? maybe it's just me...later, t