Wednesday, November 16, 2011

JOY painting from Japan and around the house delights.

This beautiful painting is a gift from my beautiful, faraway friend, Shellee.
Her fellow missionary friend, Rachel S., made this and there is a name for it and also, the Japanese spelling of JOY.
I had the pleasure of talking to my sweet friend on the phone last week.
She told me the name and I told her I'd forget (I was driving) so she is going to comment on this post, when she can. (no pressure, Shellee) to tell us the English word for this very gorgeous Japanese interpretation of joy.
She ended our convo by telling me that every time I looked at this painting, I'd remember that someone in Japan was praying for me.
Yes, she made me cry. I love you, Shellee. You are such a blessing to me, you can't even know how much.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sending this to me.

help. me.

Tashena, most of what you helped me accomplish in the later summer is still mostly in place. I just need to keep downsizing. keep. downsizing.

can't I just get rid of everything in here? Most of this stuff is the kids. egad, what a mess.

Welcome to my lair. enter at your own risk.

scrapbook explosion. do you think I actually got any scrappin' done? yeah, no.  gotta organize first.

two spectacular views of the new JOY Ministries board. 

This is the very busy view from the upstairs doorway. Legos, markers, scrapbooking, star-making, 
My scrapbook desk. so sad. so small. I have plans rolling around in my jumbly  head for what I'd like David to build for me. 

So, hi there. Happy Wednesday to you.
I've been home. ALL. DAY! it feels soooo ooooo good.

I've not even made a dent in what I'd hoped to accomplish but I did get the leaves cleaned out from around the pool and sorta cleaned out Jack's garden, which reminded me that I need to take a pic of it with his new stone in place. I may get around to that in the near future.

Tomorrow is 20 weeks since Jack's departure and another busy Thursday. I am so ready for winter break. Scratch that. summer break.

Time's up...gotta keep moving. Plankton just said boogers on Spongebob. hee hee. that word is always funny.

Until the next post, which may even be tonight...we'll see.


Anonymous said...

Most def, bloggin'madwoman, but I LOVE it! And, I like your new artistic bloggin background. I like seeing that your scrapbookin' spot looks much like mine when I get going. I really wish that my mind worked more linear when scrapbooking, but sadly, it does not. Do they have crafter ridlin? Because I am thinkin' that I need divine intervention to fix mine.

Well, it's good to see pix of your place, and I really like the ribbon curtain. I have always liked the beaded fringe that was popular in the 70s. Just have to have a doorway that it works for.

Nice Japanese painting. How cool is that!

Well, I hope that you have a good evening. And, whether or not you blog again tonight, I will be delighted. teeheehee...Hugs, tory

Tashena said...

Heya, Dear One!
HAPPY Thursday! Yes, I do mean that! ;)
I think things are looking great - it just takes time - usually more than we feel we have. Especially when our "free" moments are used up by drinking Chai and eating chocolate chip cookies! Haha!
No, really, I would be delighted to come over and "work" (if that's what ya wanna call it) on your space(s). I am getting ready to clean out drawers to give a big a donation to the Desert Rose shelter. Cleaning & clearing out is my scrapbooking - though it's NOT AT ALL creative...but it does make me feel good.
OKAY, enough gabbin'.
You just text when I can be of assistance! I will be ready!
XOXO - and many more,

Duane and Shellee said...

Hi Laurie!
Here is the long awaited (ha!) comment regarding the painting. I took this info from the Kyoto Travel Guide website. Only the most skilled at this type of painting ever paint on Kimono. It's probably more info than you wanted, but just chalk it up to me being a home-school mom ��
The technique is referred to up here as " tegaki-yuzen).

"Kimono is often made by cutting and sewing a rectangular silk cloth dyed in beautiful patterns. One special dyeing technique is called "Yuzen-zome." The technique is unique to Kyoto and one of Japan's finest arts. Yuzen-zome has elegant colorful patterns drawn and dyed on white silk by brush. This is called "Tegaki-yuzen" (Hand-painted yuzen). Tegaki-yuzen originated in the 8th century. Later Miyazaki Yuzensai, the famous fan-painter in Kyoto, adapted his painting style to dyeing designs on kimono in the late 17th century. In the Meiji Era (1868-1912), the method of "Katagami-yuzen" (stencil printing) was invented, meeting the demands of the times. Both Tegaki-yuzen and Katagami-yuzen are referred to as Kyo-yuzen (Kyoto-yuzen) in present day."

Hope you are doing well my friend! You are such a blessing to me, I love you and I am SO Thankful to the Lord for you and your friendship!!! Far away hugs to you and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Love and prayers for you,

Duane and Shellee said...

Oops, forgot to tell you what it says, my bad.... I am up at 11:30pm waiting on pumpkin pies to come out of the oven. The word is "yorokobi" (よろこび) pronounced yoh-rig-koh-bee. It means "JOY" . I will email you the verse to add to it.


Duane and Shellee said...

Stupid autocorrect- it's yoh-roh-koh-bee