Sunday, November 6, 2011

harvest party delights commence...

The Phantom of the Opera prepares himself.

This is great...I check my camera and this is the kinda stuff I find.

Ok, so this is where my portion of harvest party pics end. Yeah, I know, I did it again and failed to take any pics. But my brother got a bunch and so did my dear friend, Jamie. I will try to lift some of them but if you are my friend on Facebook, surely you've seen them by now.

trick or treating with the K family and some of their friends.

Molly was a pro. She will be a great door to door salesperson someday.

Levi, in sugared out mode, apparently

I think all of this candy is GONNNNNNE.

the three amigos

I won't say much because, after this day of sheer madness, I am plum tuckered.

I hope to have my phone back in 3-5 business days but until then, call or text me on Mel's phone if you need me.
I will email you the number.

My phone never turned up.

I hate that someone would be scummy enough to rip off another person's phone.
My faith in people continues to plummet.

My faith in God continues to soar.

good night.

hope you are doing well, cousin Tory.
you too, dear neighbor, Tashena.
and you too, kinda neighborly, Jodi.

love to you all.

good night, sweet Jack.


Anonymous said...

Happy after-daylight savings time?! Nice pix since they are a slightly different perspective than Tom's. I particularly like the one of the Phantom getting ready. Like the tile behind him.

Sorry that your phone never got returned. That really stinks, and believe me, I know how you are feeling. Just found a fraudulent charge on my credit card; so, I had to go through reporting it to various places, closing the account, and am now waiting to get my new card. Now, if I only knew where I used it that would do that, I would know not to go back. You know?

Well, I am sure that it all happens for a reason, right? Was thinking about you this morning reading in Matthew 5 verse 4: Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted.

Hope that you have a good Sunday, Tory

wv: duclic...Hey there, don't let that duc lic ya'...he may have bird flu. (well, i try; can't say that i get there, but i try)

Anonymous said...

Okay, is it just me, or is anyone else experiencing withdrawal? I bet things are crazy around there with your recent loss of phone, but I just want you to know that I MISS you, cousin!

Hugs, Tory

Laurie and company said...

hee, I'm lost without my phone...your comments, as I've told you, come thru on my phone when I'm out and about...and I hadn't even seen these comments, dear cousin.

I did get some amazing mail YESTERDAY...and wowza...the fact that with all you have to do with your school and planning, you still find time to write me. Do you find it as therapeutic as I do? it is sooo good for me to use my hands to write. I will implement your techniques for avoiding crampy hands.

Ok, so I'm finally upstairs for the evening and will try to blog. I cannot keep my adoring and adorable public waiting another minute.

your word verifications crack me up!

Hugs and love to you...praying for you on the 10th, extra hard!! keep me posted.

my wv is inger.

I don't mean to inger you by not blogging. ha ha. not quite angry, per se...but ya k now...close. :)

Anonymous said...

To answer your question: YES, it is very therapeutic. And, I find that it is easier to carry around paper than a laptop (yeah, I don't have a smart phone; besides, when I am "writing" people are thinking that I am listening raptly and taking notes...which could be...oops, just spilled the's been the way that I have managed my undiagnosed ADHD all of my life.)

Thanks again for the blog. ;)

Happy mid-week, Tory

Jodi said...

Is that how you spell an air kiss?
I love you lady!
:) Jodi