Monday, November 14, 2011

thru the valley

About one month ago, give or take, I had the pleasure of meeting a local missionary named Valetta Steel Crumley. A missionary friend that I've met thru Tammy K, gave me Valetta's book. Thank you, Dawn.

This is a picture of her book above. I have a couple copies if you want to read is really wonderful!

Here is the condensed version of her story...

1.)  She was a young pastor's wife with two little boys. Her oldest son, Danny, died from Leukemia when he was around the age of two.

2.)  Ten years later, after they added another child, a daughter, to their family and traveled the world for Oriental Missionary Society (which is now called One Mission Society and is located right near here in Greenwood, Indiana), her evangelist husband, Henry, died from cancer after fighting it for six years. From what she said, he had a wonderful message he would tell everywhere he went that even though he had a "death sentence" so to speak, he was no different than you and I...we will all die. Where are you going to go?

3.)  Ten years or so after that second devastating loss, Valetta's two teenaged children were killed in a car accident, due to black ice, in February of 1972. She mentioned to me that at that moment, with a cop at the door telling her about her children being killed, she felt like God was holding her. Holy ground. She told the cop that she knew where her children were.

4.)  She became a missionary and was raped while overseas.

5.)  She found out about five years ago that her name, Valetta, which her father had named her, even though they are not Italian and he didn't know what it meant,  means "Valley".

6.)  She met and married Dr. Al, a fellow missionary and friend, about 17 years ago...and gained a family.

7.)  The testimony and love for Christ that she exudes, and the peace that passes all understanding, is a true testament to God's goodness. This kind woman lost everyone in her immediate family....and didn't curse God or leave her faith.

I am clinging to examples like this today. Not that I'm considering leaving my life, this life that God has given me, not even close but just to know that other's have gone thru and suffered great loss and still praise Him, Jesus Christ, in these storms.

We had the pleasure of meeting her again at the OMS Tuesday morning chapel meeting last week. Still serving God, well into her eighties.

Still so much living to do...only one life twill soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last.


Tashena said...

Hello, Dearie!
Again, your words draw me in...
Like an addict, I come back!
I cannot wait to read her book! Sounds incredible - like a "too-good-to-be-true-person," ya know?
I am sure the book will bless all who read it!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Job. Just think about it, you have met a modern-day version of Job. That must have been something. I have heard of people like this, but have not been blessed to meet them. What a wonderful testimony for you to share with us loyal readers. ;)

Hope that your Monday is a good one, Tory

Laurie and company said...

Tashena-I have a copy you can read...I will look forward to seeing you Tuesday afternoon. Valetta is definitely someone to be looked up to, for her faith in God is surreal but real! does that make sense? xoxo
Tory! HI sweet cousin...hoping you got some much needed rest this past weekend after your big event. It truly was amazing to sit in Mrs. Valetta's presence. I wish I'd taken notes, ya know?
God bless both of you. I love you both dearly!

HelenaHandbag said...

The presence you felt is far more important than any words you could have written down just as seeing something amazing and allowing yourself to bask in the wonder of it is far more important than focusing on taking a photograph of it. That "presence" comes by living in whatever the now brings without resistance -- a joyful participation in the sorrows of life.
Smooches to my Laurie who brings me great joy.