Tuesday, November 8, 2011

love this necklace

My friend, Kellie, found this precious necklace on Etsy. I have asked my kids to go in on it for my upcoming birthday and Christmas. Maybe even Kwanzaa too...it's not cheap. but neither are these lessons and trials I find myself in.

soooo, hi.

how are you?

just when I think my life really cannot get any busier, it does. that's just perfectly fine because wow, we are embarking on some pretty cool, amazing things...but I am POOPED.

David has a meeting in the bright early morning with a group of salespeople, who will be helping his company out etc. I'm in the midst of putting together binders with all of his fliers/handouts/info, while we watch "Captain America".

My phone has not turned up but the fine folks at the Baxter YMCA did find my phone CASE. I'm sure the thief was thoroughly disappointed when I restricted the service on my phone and had it flagged as stolen. My new phone arrived by UPS today. My Chris Farley look-alike UPS guy lovingly deposited ol' Optimus on the door stoop. (love that guy, he is hilarious, ya know?)

I have so much to blog about but my brain capacity is nil tonight...hope this post finds you doing well, working hard (Tory) and enjoying this last pleasant day of autumn before the rainy, chilly stuff sets in again.

Until next time,


Samual James said...

I have been a fan of this blog for just a few days now ... I really am enjoying myself here.
Thank you so much!
Cheap Necklets

Anonymous said...

I wondered who dared comment before me as I am up at the crack of...well, I don't even want to think about it. I am just so crazy right now, that I am having a hard time sleeping. Good thing that the big day is only one sleep away (I love that the Youngs have influenced me to think of Christmas or other occasions as how many sleeps away they are...LOVE IT!)

Thank you for making my morning just AWESOME, and I am glad to know that you got your phone. Of course, just because Tommy Boy delivered it, doesn't mean that it won't take you time to adjust. But, I know how it feels when something like that is compromised.

Like the necklace. I like how it reminds us that there is a fine line between joy and sorrow. Things that make me cry these days: thinking of baby Jack not here; thinking of all of those unwanted children out there, and that he was one that was so WANTED and Loved that we still mourn his loss; and thinking of you, struggling with how to make sense of all of this when last year at this time, you had visions of Jack Sugar Plums dancing in your head.

Things that make me outright smile or laugh: translating how many sleeps before my next big presentation; Willi Vanilli, Ethan Libre, Mel-Mel and her starlit sunglasses, Molly Tape-Head and Levi Googly Eyes; and, you and Beck's penchant for self-portraits. These are just a few of my favorite things.

Love you cuz, Tory

Tashena said...

WOOHOO! A new phone! Too bad you don't love new phones as I do! I saw the UPS guys pull in as kiddos were piling on the "pile" of dirt. He scared Elijah - I don't think he's been that close to "that big brown truck" before - it was a little daunting I believe! Anyway, so glad it arrived!!!
I saw the van was gone SUPER early this morning - did you get with him? Bet you are glad today has finally showed up - paperwork can be a HUGE JOB!
Well, I'll be going for now.
Can't wait to see your beautiful face and hear your voice again! I have missed you, Dear One!