Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday Stuff

What every girl of 10 wishes for...Target giftcards!! Thanks to Mom, Pa, and Uncle Tom!! Thank you also to Jeff (yummy candle), Beck, Scott and girls (Bible), Gram and Gramps Young (money) for thinking of Miss Mel on her Decade event!

A good use of all that air in this girl's lungs (she has become quite a loud child)

I guess we have a new birthday tradition (at least when we have such a big Sam's Club cake) of smashing our faces into a corner and claiming that as our area! (thanks David). I think I just got a cavity and gained 2 pounds looking at all of that butter creme frosting.

One of Mel's, er, I mean, Kate's, birthday requests was going to Build-A-Bear...and this little Panda, named Oreo, is what she chose.

The kids all dressed up in these weird clothes...this was Will's get-up. Which just goes to show ya how fast he is growing...this shirt is just over one year old and the sleeves are past his wrists and it was right at his waist...sheesh! did I mention that he is taller than me now...which isn't too hard to do since I'm 5'4 but that's a big deal!!

Sweet and soft Nora baby

The new pool fence

Ol' blue eyes

is this a taste of things to come? (I'm only kidding), he's really a good boy. mostly.

Good Tuesday morning, friends!

I'm in the midst of uploading pictures from this past weekend....I know you've anxiously been waiting so wait no more...here they are! :)

We started our General Science with some friends yesterday....loaded stuff! Science is one area that we have lacked in our homeschool life...I'm not a strong science person and never have been so a group of friends and I are tackling it together and whoa nelly! it'll be good. Experiments, tests, quizzes, games of boys against girls....good stuff. Thanks, fellow mommas, for investing so much time into this. My kids really, really enjoyed it!! And we slept so good last night (I sleep good anyways) after such a full, exciting day. The curriculum we are using is called "Exploring Creation with General Science" by Jay Wile from Apologia Ministries...I even posted a picture of the $84 book back in April, if you will remember. I think it will be really good for all involved!! so that is what we spent a good part of Monday doing! I will post pics of our kids doing their density experiment...pretty cool! (it's ok for the moms to learn also, right??)

Today is an at home day for a good part of it. David was supposed to wake up to get some deck boards put down...but it's raining and storming quite profusely. Mel has piano lessons at 2:30 and then we are off to Kohl's to try to find some presentable clothing for these quickly growing kids to wear to a visitation and funeral in 3 days!! ahhhh. I cannot keep up with these changing peeps! As for the boys' hair...hmmm...they all want to grow their manes out...even Levi so I'm kinda torn as to getting them trimmed up...what's a mom to do? help...


dmoms said...

If the worst thing your boys want to do is let their hair grow, then by all means - let it grow!!

you know, choose your battles : )

velvet said...

i agree with dmoms! and as a mom of two long-haired boys (and a hubs who used to have long locks), well, you probably already know my opinion :)
sounds like you guys are having lots of fun these days! can't wait to see the science experiments!

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

thanks girls! I appreciate your thoughts...

what's a girl to do with thick, coarse haired boys, like E. and Levi? It isn't golden and flowing like Sharkey's...it's like a burr...and it just looks weird...

science experiments are on their way...if I could get my computer to upload in one day. ha ha!

peace, LY