Monday, June 16, 2008

Molly Monday

Good Monday Morning to you! Hope this post finds you enjoying some milder summer weather and amazing good health!

She loves to play with this necklace..she kept whapping herself in the face with it!


Um, can I get a little help here? My mom and I love when she sits on her legs like this

sweet little baby face...I think someone is teething!


I took these pix of Molly this past Thursday...sometimes she just appears ready for a photo shoot. She is getting to the point now where she will ignore me when she knows I'm snapping pics of her...I have to make weird noises, noises she's never heard, in order to get her attention sometimes. She is so much fun to take pix of...this face ROCKS!

It won't be long, and I think she will be walking (ish)...she is pretty much into everything, pulls up, and will stand up out of the blue. I could be wrong though, she could wait till 13 months to walk like E. did or 18 months like Levi's all good. She's going to get into everything either way, so!

In other news...I will have to blog later on in regards to our weekend. got some good pix of David at his Father's Day Four mile race...and the annual group of kids in the pool (with the newest addition in it this year as well as a surprise visitor). Over and out! LY


Sherry at the Zoo said...

What a cutie pie...she's destined to be a baby model - get those pics sent in!

Tory said...

you gotta love a molly monday! it sure made me smile. ;) glad that she is unabashed (word of the day) to show off her beautiful eyes and cute little outfit. am excitedly waiting for will wednesday, ethan tuesday, mollie thursday and levi friday. smile! hugs, t

Hannah-Indiana said...

CUUUUTTTE!! Love the pix of Molly-moo! (sorry I like calling her that!) I love her pretty blue eyes and cute doll face.

Heather said...

OH-MI-GOODNESS!!! I LOOOOVE her blue eyes! I'm a BIG sucker for blue eyes - I fell for a blue eyed boy. She's just a doll! I can't believe how fast she's growing up! Love that sweet little dress, too!

Tory said...

oops, mom just told me that i messed should have been melanie thursday! i am a terrible awful cousin...i should be flogged with a wet noodle. my deepest apologies...believe me when i say, i never mix her up here...that's what happens when i comment late at night. luv ya'll, t

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

Sherry, ha model! you make me giggle! thanks for rooting for her!

Tory - I should've been a good momma and posted the single kids each day this week but I'M NOT! :)glad you enjoyed Molly Monday! and I didn't even put it together...I must've known what you meant about Melanie Thursday! don't beat yourself up...I love you anyways! ;)

Thanks, Miss Hannah, for your nice compliments...and you can call her Molly-moo all you want...we do too!'re so sweet! I'll be sure to hang onto the little brown dress for the future!
I fell for a blue eyed dude as well! I think Molly gets her icy blues from her daddio.