Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Miss is READY to go...she did NOT want to pose for this picture!

uber cool! whatta dude!

Mel is ever the little momma! The babies enjoyed their floating paradise for a short time!

and of course, our usual sister self-portrait! I thought I was dark till I looked at this picture. not a flattering pic necessarily but proof that we were there. see scary story below!

David used to take the bigger boys to look at toys at Meijer or Target when they were littler. Occasionally, after a lesson in patience, he would buy them something, whether it was a Ninja Turtle, Star Wars dolly, or Lego set. He had a revelation the other day that he hasn't really done that with Levi and that just isn't fair. He can't ride on his big brothers' coattails. Yes, their hand-me-down toys are swell but this is his own, picked fresh from the Target shelves "Cars" Mega Blocks set (we so totally don't collect Mega Blocks, we are a Lego family for heaven's sake but who can resist his pleading face??)...he was so excited!

Will took this picture from upstairs and this is Molly Canon has some amazing zoom, ay?

some riff raff from around the Jehovah's Witness pals visited me yesterday morning...while I am not a JW, I appreciate their dedication to going door to door and they are some seriously sweet women...The red fish mosaic is David's latest project. Is that not the COOLEST thing? it's not finished yet but when it is, y'all are gonna want one!!

This is our friend, Tim and his lady friend, Terri! They stopped in on his Harley Davidson for an afternoon visit Saturday! Nice to see ya, old boy! Terri is a sweetheart!

Beck and her girls came down for a fun-filled Saturday by the pool. All went well, except for the moment that Pipes thought she could maneuver her way into the giant tube (without her lifejacket on) and she slipped. Beck and I were comparing stretch marks or something like it but we heard Mel yell "Piper" seemed to take an eternity but when it registered, B. and I jumped up when we noticed that P. was floating, with no safety, taking a bunch of water into her mouth. Every mother's absolute WORST nightmare, right there folks. It's happened to me before a couple of times (usually Ethan as a youngster) I know the fear that B. was experiencing. Thankfully, and praise the LORD, Beck got her quickly...they were both freaked out..heck, we were all freaked out. Mel couldn't get her because she was feeding Nora a bottle in the other needless to say...all was well.

After a lovely day spent with all of my girls and Levi, good pal and fellow blogger, Nicky Stickers and her brood of 4 children came down to hang and visit with us! She brought her yum delish, beer bread, cheese sauce, s'mores....and a good time was had by all...swimming, throwing up, walking up scary stairs, praying, encouraging!

This morn, we attended LifePoint, where Pastor Tom had an amazing and rather pertinent message on "Standing in the Gap", blew us away! Home to a lazy, rainy day around here...catching up, scrapbooking, beatin' the kids (J/K)...enjoying some much needed down time! Amen and amen.

Ok, done rambling...think it's done raining so I can maybe vacuum out my green machine now...(all this while scrapping, bloggin' and stuff like that)...Here's hoping that you were able to spend some time relaxing, fellowshipping, praising, being thankful for things, feeling support and love from those around you! I'm outta here!


Tory said...

Oh, my favorite is the picture that Will took of guys really should go into the photography business! And, that pool story is rather scary...glad that it turned out almost made me mess myself. ;)

Sherry at the Zoo said...

OH...what a fun Saturday you had! No wonder you didn't answer your phone - you were busy livin' the good life!

Molly is so cutatious! I think that is one of her best pictures ever.....

Glad Pipes was safe and sound, and so glad you and Becky were right there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for broadcasting my "mom of the year" story...Ha ha. We had such a good time on Saturday. Pipes was wiped right out! She didn't even make it out of your neighborhood. Molly and Nora were sooo cute in their floaties and Mel was awesome with the babies, well, all of the little ones. Thanks MEL! She is going to be such a goo' momma! Love you guys and hopefully we can do it again soon, when the sun stays out all day...

Heather said...

I love the self portrait of the you a yutes! Great pic! They're all great pics.
And the P story, taking in water...HO-CHI-MIN-CITY!!! Made me nauseous. Glad everything was okay, though.

Natalie said...

Freak-out story. Reminds me of swimming at our pool when David accidently flipped one of the boys baby floats over and he was stuck upside-down with his legs flailing!! HEART-ATTACK. And at those moments real life turns into one of those dreams where something is happening and you can never move fast enough.
The little NEW baby floats with the sun roofy thing?! I LOVE that!! I want one. >_>;