Sunday, June 1, 2008

A bit more Mel

David dancing with Cinderella...

Apparently, this girl inherited my face-making ability...great!

Beautiful girl...

With some of her good friends, Hannah, Sophia, Alisha and Holly...thanks for celebrating Melanie with us!!

We were just hoping that she didn't ignite her hair. though I wouldn't mind seeing those little self-cut bangs (a story for another day) go up in flames....hmmm. you know I'm kiddin....

Good Sunday evenin' folks! Hopin' you were able to get out and enjoy some beautiful summer weather this weekend! I'm not quite sure, as always in this state, where our spring went and why summer has to come at us with such a vengeance...oy vey! It was 86 degrees today! Yowza!

We had a busy, Will playing in a little soccer and getting ready for Mel's family birthday party last night, which was lots of fun...I will have to post those pictures later, of course, and today, we attended our morning worship service and then killed some time before attending a graduation open house for a young man that attends our Patria Bible Study! (did I mention that it was HOT today?)...then we came home to put up the fence-y thing around our pool...and pictures of THAT will have to wait as well. I must say, it's looking purty darn cool around here!

On a more somber note, my Aunt Mimi (Marion), which is my dad's mom's sister, passed away this evening. She was close to 90 years of age, if not 90! that is horrible that I am not sure how old she was... So we will be heading up to my hometown of Lake Orion, Michigan this coming Friday to be with my dad's side. A sad ending to a productive, and wonderful weekend!

Ok, this cat's outta here but hope you have a loverly Monday! Come on down to swim...the pool is looking really good...I vacuumed it for a half an hour at least this it's presentable and ready to go!!

Night night!


Smooches, Kara said...

Girl it's been in the 80's and 90's here for awhile!! So I have my swimsuit out and ready for a quick dip in your pool!! Expect me out there splashing away any morning now!!

Hannah-Indiana said...

Thank you so much for the things you said about me, Mrs. Y, on my new post! Yeah, recently I went to a family reunion and people couldn't stop telling me how much I looked like Mom and it kinda embarressed me. And often my dad tells me that in public, but otherwise it doesn't embarress me!

Happy to see you guys today! I had a load of fun! Tell Mel (whoops! sorry I mean Kate!) that I said she is such a good person and I'm happy for her turning 10! I hope she had a good b-day!!!

Tory said...

Happy Birthday, MEL or KATE or whoever you are today! Shew...have been away for a week, and it's taking me forever to get through all of your new pics and adventures. ;) Maybe next time I can tell you that I am going out of town, and you can slow things, seriously, it gives me something to look forward to. Have a good week.

Steph said...

The picture of Melanie and David is priceless. So sweet.
And the picture of her (in the most recent post) holding the Target card...can we say "Natalie?"
(I can't get over how much those two look alike).
So sorry about your family member - hope you have a safe trip there and back.

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Melanie Kate is growing UP!! She needs to stop that right now! Before you know it, you'll be posting about her wedding day!